Tori-Q Franchise: Is it a Possibility?

Yakitori is a type of Japanese skewered meat that is a popular snack in the country of Japan and is also the product widely offered by the Tori-Q’s chain of outlets. The delicious, affordable and easy to carry snack of Tori-Q had been well-accepted by the Singaporeans since its establishment in 2000. Continue reading and find out what does Tori-Q stands for and the possibility of franchising this Japanese inspired business.

About Tori-Q


Tori-Q started its business venture at the dawn of the 21st century, which was around October of the year 2000. With their first established store located in one of Singapore’s most famous shopping district, Takashimaya Shopping Centre Basement Two. The company saw its growth, and within almost two decades in the industry, expanded into 17 stalls and counting.

Meaning of Tori-Q

Tori-Q derived its name from two different words; the first one being the Japanese word Yakitori, which means Grilled meat in Nihongo (Japanese); While the second word was the shorter term of the word Barbeque. Together the two words gave birth to the business’s trade name Tori-Q.

Tori-Q Product Line

Yakitori Stick: (Chicken, Pork, Chicken Fillet, Chicken Skin ,Chicken Balls ,Pork with Asparagus ,Tontoro Pork ,Chicken with Green Pepper ,Chicken with Leek ,Quail Egg ,Nitamago (Japanese Braised Egg) ,Arabiki Pork Sausages ,Jumbo Sausage ,Smoked cheese ,Sausage ,Chicken Karaage ,Mii Hashed Potato ,Deep Fried Prawn ,Chicken Gyoza ,Crispy Karaage ,Chicken Wing)

Bento Boxes

The yakitori bento boxes contains pickes, seaweed, pure Japanese rice, special Tori-Q sauce and a choice of meat according to the chosen bento package.

  • Bento A- Contains 2 Chicken, 1 chicken balls and 1 pork.
  • Bento B- Contains 2 Chicken, 1 chicken balls, and 1 chicken with green pepper
  • Bento C- contains 3 chicken karaage

Franchise Oppurtunities of Tori-Q

For those who aspire to become a Tori-Q franchisee, sadly Tori-Q is currently not open for the franchise, nor will it open its doors for franchising in the future. The company firmly stated their pursue of quality on the products produced by each of their outlets; Therefore, Tori-Q wants to personally oversee the operation of their business. Making it impossible to franchise Tori-Q, may it be today or in the future.

Tori-Q Contact Information




435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria


Singapore 238877

Tel: (65) 68875795

Fax: (65) 68875796

Enquiry form of Tori-Q:

Pros and Cons of Tori-Q business concept


  • Tori-Q products are made to have mobile packaging. The food on-stick makes it an ideal snack choice for those who are always on-the-go.
  • Tori-Q offers variety on its menu making it easier to cater to the preferences of a wider customer demographic.
  • Products are reasonably priced.
  • The company states the nutrition facts (calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates) of some of their products on their website, which is helpful for those who are watching their eating habits.
  • The demand for the product is not dependable on seasonal changes.
  • Continuous product development.


  • Selling a product from a foreign country in the market place has a possibility that the customers won’t readily accept the product or service being introduced by the company.


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