Sizzle Sisig: Sisig Food Cart Franchise

Sisig Franchise Starting at P149,000.00

With the achievement made by this stand-alone dish, it makes a lot of sense to join the bandwagon of sisig lovers and make this as an opportunity to share this awesome chow to everyone by making it as a food business.  By franchising the best to go sisig in town, you are bringing much excitement to the people in the community.  Surely, from the young and old, this sizzling pork mixture will be an instant hit to them and you never know you are building a community of sisig lovers. Now, this is the interesting part.

Our Sisig Food Cart is Sizzle Sisig!

Starting at P149,000.000


  • The use of “Sizzle Sisig” trade name
  • A mini high-end food cart (measures 7 ft x 5ft x2.5 ft)
  • Equipment for Sizzle Sisig food cart operation A heavy-duty griller
    • Acrylic juice container with a ladle
    • Sauce Dispenser
    • Tong and spatula
  • Complete set of a uniform of one service crew (includes shirt, visor, and a hair net)
  • Starting products worth P3,000.00
  • Business and product orientation
    • Franchise Seminar
    • Hands-on training for you and your crew
    • Concept manual
  • After-sales support


14054480_1144839118915264_4698691766835196569_o Sizzle Sisig

Contact Information

Mr. Edison Gomez: 0917-5323708  / 0998-5928617 / 02) 219 5869.

You can also send an email using the form below:

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More About the Sisig!

Did you know that ‘sisig’ is a Kapampangan term that means to ‘snack on something sour’.  This interesting titbit dates back to 17th Century and the term was even recorded in Kapampangan Dictionary by an Augustinian priest.   The dictionary defines it as a “salad, including green papaya, or green guava eaten with a dressing of salt, pepper, garlic and vinegar.” There is also the term “manyisig” that means “to make a salad” while the word “mapanisig” refers to “one who makes a lot of salad, or frequently eats salad, or picks tidbits of it.”

How interesting to know that the sisig we come to know now has evolved over time.  From the appetizer that it was which is just basically a mixture of greens has been recreated by adding meat into the mixture and eventually became the main dish itself.  Thanks to its creator, Lucia Cunanan who for the love of cooking, accidentally blended this dish and made it very popular to what it is today.  In fact, she is hailed as the sisig queen.

Surprisingly, this Pampanga dish has made its name not only locally but also internationally.  Even as far as the United States, this dish made its way to the palates of the Americans.  It made its noise particularly in The New Times last July 2014 in a food review article by Ligaya Mishan. She wrote, “This is sisig, the greatest pork hash — arguably greatest pork dish — on earth.”  Moreover, She added that sisig is “a muscle car in the world of Filipino cuisine, along with crispy pata.“  If you are Filipino and reading this, surely, this news is another feather on the cap.




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