Dog and Cat soap and shampoo by Fab

[F@B Dog and Cat Soap with Citronella]

FaB dogs and cat soap are an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal pet soap, with organic ingredients such as Madre de Cacao and Virgin coconut oil with citronella and natural tawas. It eliminates bad odors, dirt, tick, and fleas. It contains palm oil for a beautiful, soft, smooth pet skin and coat, and neem for a natural insect and mite repellant. All ingredients are 100% safe even for pregnant and nursing dogs and cats, guaranteed pet and environmentally friendly, and have no harmful side effects. Make your pets enjoy their bubble baths and keep them fresh and clean.

Removes mange, ticks and fleas, dandruff, redness, itchy skin, sensitive skin, bad odor, falling hair, and other skin problem. It has a continuous effect on the skin that lasts for days, it does not interfere with the dog/cat circulatory and digestive system, it has virtually no side effects, it is less expensive, it promotes hair growth on bald spots, it prevents dog/cat skin from drying that causes skin sores and blisters, it helps heal wounds faster because of its antibacterial properties, thins and softens calluses on dogs elbow and knees, best of entire safe on all kinds of dogs and cats and any skin problems.

-Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

-Natural insect repellant and parasiticide


-Anti Mange

-Anti Mosquitos and fleas

-Removes bad odor

-For Healthy Coat

-For Healthy Pet Skin


[ F@B Dog and Cat Shampoo with Conditioner Organic Madre de Cacao with guava extract]

Madre de cacao, has been known to be effective against mange, and it can also be used to remove fleas, and ticks. It is called kakawate in the Philippines. This plant has a great benefit in the treatment of the skin and it is used for anti-microbial. This plant is a natural insect repellant. It has the capability to kill parasitic mites, which may help our Dogs and Cats who are now experiencing the skin diseases like mange.

FaB Dog and Cat Madre de Cacao pet shampoo + conditioner is a paraben-free shampoo formulated with organic ingredients such as guava extract. Best for your fur babies of any kind! It eliminates dirt, tick, fleas, odors, and dandruff. It can also make your pet’s coat soft and smooth. Our product bottle contains 250ml of the organic formulation. The consistency might be a bit runny, but it works well and is concentrated. A little pump goes a long way, so it’s worth it for its thrifty value size! We have a variety of scents you can choose from: lavender, Strawberry, Bubblegum, and Baby Powder scent. Any of these has long-lasting scent effects. The ingredients are all-natural and natural identical. Guaranteed safe and pet-friendly!

Caution for use:

*For external use only

*If allergic reactions occur, rinse off the product and consult your veterinarian.

*Keep out of reach of children Disclaimer:

Color may be different from the actual product due to photo lighting and screen options. Make your pets enjoy their bubble baths and keep them fresh and clean with our  FaB organic pet shampoo!

Available Scent:


-bubble gum



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