How to Start a Tiger Sugar Franchise in the Philippines

The milk tea fever of the Filipinos is going strong, and if you’re keeping track of news Tiger Sugar is still one of the strongest milk tea brands in the market.

With their signature blend of milk tea, Tiger Sugar rose to fame quickly since their arrival in the Philippine back in 2018.

For people who are interested to start a business with this fan-favorite milk tea brand, then check out the following to find out where can you send you application and why Tiger Sugar is such a worth it a business investment.

About Tiger Sugar Franchise

Tiger Sugar had been serving its customers their favorite cup of milk tea for a long time now, however it was only in 2018 when the famous Taiwanese milk tea brand arrives in the Philippines.

Tiger Sugar Philippines carried the Taiwan famous brown sugar milk tea, known as one of the best brown sugar mixtures you can taste.

The hype and fame towards milk tea in general and the brand itself, rapidly put Tiger Sugar on the top list of milk tea connoisseurs must have drinks.

What does Tiger Sugar Mean?

A quick trivia for those are confused why Tiger Sugar is called ‘tiger sugar’, the name is actually derived from the drippings of the brown sugar surrounding the cup. The brown sugar drips which mimic a tiger coined the name for this drink.

With Tiger Sugar’s flagship item being a brown sugar milk tea, we do think that it’s a fitting name to a brand which is known for their amazing brown sugar milk tea formula.

How to Franchise Tiger Sugar?

Interested applicants may send their contact information and letter of intent through Tiger Sugar’s franchising email at

A franchising agent from Tiger Sugar will be in contact with you to discuss further details of the franchise and the procedure that will follow if you wish to proceed with the application process.

For more information, you may refer to the following contact details of Tiger Sugar Philippines. 

Tiger Sugar Franchise Contact Details



Advantages of Franchising Tiger Sugar

  • Be a franchisee one of the most in-demand beverages in the Philippines market
  • Milk preparation is easy to learn even for a beginner, making it easier to for you and your staff to learn the process of preparation.
  • F&B products are some of the most recession-proof business, a great factor to consider specifically during these trying times of the pandemic.
  • You get the benefit of being supplied with quality ingredients of Taiwan’s famous Tiger Sugar brand.
  • Tiger Sugar is a strong household milk tea brand both in Taiwan and in the Philippines
  • Receive continuous support from the Tiger Sugar company.
  • Distribute a tried and tested well-balanced milk tea formula which thrived across different markets around the globe.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Tiger Sugar

  • Franchising is a great way to give you a firm first step in your business journey, however, the franchise will still not guarantee the success of your business.
  • Take careful consideration of your location. The over-saturation of numerous milk tea brands in the metro can be a challenging feat to stood out among the rest.
  • Have the capacity to follow the standard of product and services Tiger Sugar sets.
  • Have the willingness to undergo and cooperate with any necessary training the company requires in order to qualify you as an official franchise of the brand.



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  1. Hi im very much interested to start here in villamor air base pasay city… Please tell me how to start.. thanks for the help.

  2. Hi, are you still open for franchise in Cagayan de Oro and Malaybalay Bukidnon? If so, May I know how much? Thank you.

  3. Hi,have a good day,I am interested to franchise Tiger Sugar in Kalibo, Aklan and how much it cost!
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  4. Hello. I am interested to franchise here in Angeles City. How much will it cost? Any contact person we can talk to? Thank you.

  5. Hello. I am interested to franchise tiger sugar in Kaloocan City. How much will cost? Any contact person to talk to? Thank you

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