How To Start A Starbucks Franchise Business in the Philippines

A Great Coffee Shop Business to Start, If You Have the Capital

With its unique and aesthetic smell there is nothing like a good cup of coffee for your breakfast or during your office break. Whether it is enjoyed at home, or at a local coffee shop or at your office cafeteria, the effect of coffee is basically incomparable.

While most of us enjoy the taste and aroma a cup of coffee gives us, how about considering starting a profit using your favorite morning beverage? There is this one coffee brand that is very captivating that will change your whole perspective in sipping every cup. Owning your own Starbucks outlet will not only leave in astonishment but will give you positivity every step of the way.

Note: As of writing, Starbucks is not open for franchising.

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Company Background

Who would ever think that coffee will captivate our enjoyment? In 1971, Starbucks began brewing coffee for people. Until today, the same things are done to serve and make their customers happy – making the world a better place while sharing the best coffee they have.

Starbucks Inspiration

The very first store was opened in Seattle, USA. The name Starbucks was generated through the inspiration of what the story of Moby Dick gave to its CEO Howard Schultz. He had this vision of making connection to people by serving great coffee. Primarily it is his thinking that there are countless coffee drinkers at that time. Because of the indulging coffee experience, Starbucks began.

Here in the Philippines, it was Rustan Coffee Corporation who has the sole licensee of the Starbucks Coffee International. Patterned with a mission of inspiring and nurturing the human spirit, Starbucks has all the reason why there are about 17,400 stores operating worldwide that continue to grow until today.

The exact date was December 4, 1997 when the first Starbucks retail store was opened in Makati City. And because of the ever developing system the company has, there are already 225 stores to date and are still growing. The system of the company works in the country because of the tough implementation of their system also being applied to other countries.

Not Open for Franchising in the Philippines

Since Starbucks is not yet available for franchising in the Philippines, there is an application process being suggested by the company as an alternative business platform. Depending on the needs of the community, Starbucks offers a variety of business programs patterned from a particular business model. The system also targets the type of location that you have and the type of market in your place. Commonly known as Branded Solutions, this system also offers direct selling option, management relationship and techniques in developing your business. These can be done by choosing either the Licensed Store or the Food Service.

Looking for a coffee and coffee frappe shop franchise that is more affordable? You can check out Star Frappe. Customers swear it taste just like starbucks!

Starbucks’ Preferred Business Models

Licensed Store – There are a variety of options when you pick this type of business model. Such options include excellent modifiable outlet design; apparatus, training and support; fixture package; consultancy and expertise support; exclusive Starbucks menu; whole bean coffee package and promotions.

Food Service – The company will supply assorted solutions from its popular brands given exclusively to your business climate. These include channels in the Business Industry, Fine Dining, College and University, Hotel and Lodging, and Travel and Recreation.

All of the above-mentioned programs are patterned through particular platforms which circle around the success experience of the company. As for the worldwide partnership and financial capacity, not to mention the store location, it is the company’s requirement to register first and become a customer. After doing this, a Starbucks representative will guide you in your questions.

Advantages And Disadvantages

The success of every company is attributed to many factors. Nowadays, it is a practice to locate a place to hang out with friends. One will also work on his laptop or read a book while enjoying the ambiance of a coffeehouse. Coffee shops like Starbucks will treat you with a chilling atmosphere while sipping your hot mocha-flavored coffee.

Benefits of Applying Starbucks’ Business Platforms

Aside from the programs to be used in applying its business platforms, when you are engaged in doing business with Starbucks, you are dealing with an award-winning global brand. This means that you are in a venture with a globally competitive brand that needs lesser advertising. When people look at your business as patterned with Starbucks’ ideas, people will have no second thought.

In its Licensed Store business model, you will be offered with high quality and flexible whole bean coffee package. In addition to this, the company is strict in when it comes to customer service. It thrives and lives with its customers, which is the primary reason why it is noted for its excellent customer service.

Here, There and Everywhere

The success of Starbucks was contributed by many factors. This includes accessibility. Every major city you go, an outlet is already established. It is located where high volume of traffic such as supermarket, grocery stores, malls and book stores are adjacent. Just like any successful fast food chains, Starbucks compete to the highest level with its unique business strategies.

The Cons of Owning Starbucks

As mentioned, Starbucks franchising is not yet available in the country. Another disadvantage of getting a Starbucks business is that application to have an access to its business platform is tedious, tiresome and strict at times. This is not to discourage entrepreneur-wannabes but it is the company’s job to strictly protect the image of Starbucks.

Contact Information

If you think your community needs to have a Starbucks outlet, take note that franchising is not yet available. All you have to do is you need to become a member first by logging in to this website:

You can also read more about them through

You can also open their Facebook page or Twitter account.

Looking for a coffee and coffee frappe shop franchise that is more affordable? You can check out Star Frappe. Customers swear it taste just like starbucks!

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