Details on Starting a Skin Magical Franchise

Filipinos are not new to news of skin whitening and ways to make you fair. Many covet a fair, smooth, and healthy skin. With most Filipinos and Filipinas coveting fair skin, whitening products are rampant in the market.

If you also see the potential of whitening products in the Philippines, there are numerous brands you can partner with, and Skin Magical is one of the premium yet affordable brands you can partner with.

Skin Magical, a homegrown brand, born out of the perseverance of a Filipino couple, aims to provide an affordable set of beauty products that can give Filipinos and Filipinas the fair skin they want while keeping their skin healthy with the help of natural, quality ingredients.

Read further and know the different ways to become a part of the growing Skin Magical family. 

About Skin Magical Franchise

Through an interview with the ABS-CBN show ‘my PUHUNAN’, Founders of Skin Magical shared the story of how Skin Magical came to be.

Mrs. and Mr. Pangilinan are also one of the Filipino families where parents work as an OFW in hopes to provide a better living standard to their loved ones. However, through online selling, Mrs. Pangilinan eventually came across a soap manufacturer and made a deal to create their soap product.

With a capital investment of 7,000 pesos the first-ever product of the couple was born, the Rejuvenating Papaya Soap — which later became Skin Magical’s flagship item.

The success was not overnight, Ghie Pangilinan said in the tv show rare people at her at first, but she perceiver and later on she’s delivering more than 150,000 sets across 80 franchises and 180 distributors nationwide.

Today the couple offers multiple ways to partner with Skin Magical, in hopes to also share the success of their brand to those who are aspiring to find success in the beauty of Skin Magical. 

5 Ways to Invest in Skin Magical

Skin Magical Franchise

Total Investment: 1 Million

Return on Investment:

  • SRP Price: 1,920,200
  • Reseller’s Price: 1,307, 700

Skin Magical Distributor

Total Investment: 400,000 php

Return on Investment:

  • SRP Price: 696, 200
  • Reseller’s Price: 468, 900

Skin Magical City Distributor

Total Investment: 40,000 PHP

Return on Investment:

  • SRP Price: 64, 620
  • Reseller’s Price: 43, 540

Skin Magical Reseller

Total Investment: 5,000 php

Return on Investment:

  • SRP Price: 7,500
  • Reseller’s Price: 6,300

Skin Magical Sub-Reseller

  • Total Investment: 2,500 php
  • SRP Price: 3,700

Contact Details



Head Office:  Sitio Butig, Brgy. San Pedro Morong Rizal

Contact No.: 09171202801 | 09175311499


Advantages of Franchising Skin Magical

  • Choose among the five (5) different ways to partner with Skin Magical according to your goals and budget
  • Work with a reputable brand that had been in collaboration with numerous famous influencers and celebrities.
  • Receive the support of numerous Skin Magical and its numerous franchises and distributors.
  • Skin Magical’s products are hot items in the Philippine market where many covet fair skin.
  • With Skin Magical you too can become the boss of your life, business, and financial needs.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Skin Magical

  • Franchising does not guarantee success
  • Being a business owner requires you to have the capacity to put more time and effort to help the business thrive.
  • Know how to properly manage a business and your people who will be the key to your success.
  • Research your target market before investing.
  • Be a passionate seller who’s great with communicating with people


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