The Best Media Companies in the Philippines

Filipino’s love sitting down and listening to either the radio or watching the television to momentarily escape from problems and enjoy a moment provided by their favorite TV shows or radio stations. There’s quite a handful of media companies present in the Philippines, and below is a list of some of the media companies present in the country.

What is Media?

Media is said to be the means to communicate to the general public, through broadcasting, publishing and the internet. Media is also known as a dynamic evolving industry, for it grew together with the advancement of both society and technology.

Media Companies in the Philippines 


Media Outlets: Television, radio, print, and online.

The Alto Broadcasting System – Chronicle Broadcasting Network or much known as ABS-CBN are one of the leading media companies in the Philippines. While its beginnings date back to 1946, the official start of ABS-CBN’s broadcasting activities started in 1953. And since then, the company gradually grew and became a big part of the Philippines ‘ media industry.

GMA Network

Media Outlets: Television, Radio, Online

GMA was formerly known as Greater Manila Area, a name which pertains to the area of coverage of the station; however, as the company grew and expanded through the years, the name was then change to Global Media Arts- which is fitting for its current state as a company which started as a humble broadcasting network, growing to greater reaches of media, while setting their foot outside of the Philippines, providing media programs internationally via GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV and GMA News TV International.

Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC)

Media Outlets: TV, Radio, Online

Founded on June 12, 1946, MBC holds Philippines ‘ first-ever and longest-running radio station, DZRH. Since the MBC saw the transition of Philippine’s era from the Japanese occupation all the way to the Edsa revolution and today, there are plenty of events MBC went through, from being used as a tool for the Japanese Propaganda (It was then called PIAM) to be temporarily shut down during the Marcos Regime, then the recent tragedy of its neighborhood establishment Star City, which was engulf in fire- ultimately, causing damage to MBC’s main office.

Manila Bulletin

Media Outlets: Print

Manila Bulletin is the Philippines’ second oldest existing newspaper. Founded in 1990 the printing company published tabloids and newspapers. Aside from being the oldest newspaper in the country, the Manila Bulletin is also known as one of the largest English broadsheet newspaper present together with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The Manila Times

Media Outlets: Print

The Manila Times which is under the publication of The Manila Times Publishing Corp. is the oldest newspaper in the Philippines. Founded on October 11, 1898, by Thomas Gowan-an Englishman living in the Philippines. The newspaper was originally used to serve the Americans staying in Manila to participate in the war against the Spaniards. It was also beneficial for the receding Americans for most of the circulating newspapers in the country at that time was either in Spanish or local language.


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