How to Start Leylam Shawarma Franchise

Shawarma is one of the most popular and affordable type of food available in the Philippines. Everyone always goes for that all meat combo when it comes to this snack. Its delectable and with cheese on top, no one can resist such tasteful treat.

That is why shawarma is such a profitable venture in the Philippines. Which is why you should take a look at franchising businesses such as Leylam Shawarma, a popular shawarma franchise!

Leylam is a nationwide shawarma chain with over 140 branches in the Philippines offering affordable quality Turkish-inspired food. Their flagship item is shawarma in 3 different forms: over rice, noodles, or in a wrap.

Interested? Have a look at their history and know whether or not they are up for franchising!

Brief Background of the Leylam Shawarma Franchise

Leylam’s humble beginning

Witnessing the warmth and food-loving traits of Filipinos, Turkish Food Experts introduced a unique food selection to the Filipino market in May 2005. Though inspired by a foreign taste, a distinct recipe adapted from Turkey, the customers began to appreciate the specialty of Leylam – the Wrap. And the evolution for two other product options with Filipino adaptation came to existence, the Leylam Rice and Leylam Noodles.

The special sauce formulation and tender lean beef of supreme quality are some of the attributes that give Leylam products the extraordinary taste that enticed and gained the loyalty of its patrons. Started with two (2) outlets, one in Chong Hua Hospital Food Stall and one in Robinsons Fuente on May 27, 2005. Additional stores opened in October of the same year in Metro Ayala, Mandaue Pacific Mall and Metro Gaisano. Since then Leylam continues to expand to the nearby towns, cities and even the neighboring islands and regions.

On March 2, 2007, Leylam was introduced in Bacolod City. While Iloilo started tasting Leylam goodness on September 8, 2008. The demand for Leylam reached the country’s capital and made way to the first Manila store on October 2, 2009. Mindanao followed

a year after with its first store opening on February 19, 2010. In this same year, Leylam became a nationwide brand.

Leylam is also active as an event stall, serving delectable products during special events like concerts and other crowd gathering celebrations.

Leylam values every customer and makes sure to cater their needs for healthier food options whether for comfort food or meal to fill an empty stomach. This developed the idea of introducing several outlet formats that will satisfy every market segment in the area that Leylam operates.

Leylam is noticeable through food carts, stalls and stand-alone stores inside the major malls, supermarkets, select university canteens and special events.

The market demand for Leylam has paved the way to more than 140 outlets nationwide. This has made Leylam the first and largest chain of company-owned Shawarma stores in the Philippines. At present, Leylam continues to innovate and introduce products and services inspired by Turkish taste with a Filipino twist for an exceptional food and dining experience

Leylam’s vision

  • A chain of outlets of the most preferred destination for quick-serve Turkish inspired products, located inside malls and in business districts, offering a variety of mouth-watering, healthy and affordable choices, artistically mixed and wrapped in a hygienic environment.

Leylam’s mission

  • Leylam is committed to provide only the best to its market; constantly innovating excellent products and services; creating job opportunities to deserving workforce; maintaining a sustainable relationship with suppliers; providing care and support to the community, while continuously growing a strong business venture.
  • It is Leylam’s mission to offer affordable quality Turkish-inspired food in the Philippines. They strive to continuously improve the quality of our food and service to deliver a happy customer experience.

Steps to Franchise Leylam Shawarma

We asked Leylam directly through their Facebook page if they are open to franchising, and this is what they had to say:

Leylamnam Greetings, Dear Valued Customer! All Leylam stores are currently company-owned. We may open up for franchise in the future. We will definitely announce it once we have already opened our doors for that business concept. We really appreciate your interest. Thank you!”

Unfortunately, as they said themselves, Leylam is not open for franchising as of now, but keep checking back in this page as we always update whenever businesses such as Leylam might eventually open up to franchising.

If you have anymore questions regarding the business, refer to their contact details below.

Contact Information

Office address: 1408 V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe Cebu City

Website Page:

E-mail address:

Telephone number: 0922 592 4247 / 63 32 412 0882

Fax number: 63 32 254 4442

The Good in Franchising Leylam Shawarma

  • Decades worth of experience in the shawarma business
  • Proven track record of revenue generation

The Bad in Franchising Leylam Shawarma

  • You might have limited management as the owner oversees proper business structure


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