Kuya J Franchise: How to Start this Restaurant Business

Food truly brings people closer together, which probably why Filipinos who love to have regular family gatherings and eating great food have a strong bond with each other. The thing is, as these family members grow older, the “Nanay & Tatay” “Ate & Kuya” of the group no longer have the time to cook food for these gatherings, which is why restaurants with big family servings are becoming more prominent in a family-oriented country such as the Philippines.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, one thing you may want to consider investing in the restaurant business to become a part of providing food and space for these busy families to have a good time and great food.

One promising restaurant to look into is the Kuya J restaurant — serving delicious food, made of recipes curated on Cebu. If you’re interested, you may check out the information below to know more about Kuya J restaurant to find out how to become a franchisee and the advantages of becoming one.

About Kuya J Franchise

“Ang Kan-anan ni Kuya J” was the former name of what is now known as Kuya J Restaurant. the restaurant had its humble beginnings as an eatery along the streets of Cebu, and it’s undeniably delicious dishes became a sensation on every Cebuano’s palate, and later on as the eatery expanded and became a nationwide business, the mouthwatering dishes became widespread around the country and with its delicious and big servings, Kuya J became one of the go-to places of families and friends for a casual place to eat great, quality food.

Kuya J Franchise Details

Estimated Cost of Investment: 10-15 Million

Franchise Fee: 1.2 Million

Service Fee: 300,000

Renewal Fee: 650,000 (Inclusive of Franchisee and service fee)

Franchise Term: ten (10) years (Renewable upon agreement from both parties)

Required Size Area: 180-250 square meter.

Royalty and Marketing Fee: 5% and 3% of sales net of VAT respectively.

Required allocated marketing programs budget for the local store: 1% of sales net of VAT

Steps to Become a Franchisee of Kuya J

  1. Visit the official website and fill out the franchise application form. Submit the form attached with the letter of intent
  2. Upon approval of Kuya J’s Business Development Department, the applicant will receive an update to set an initial meeting where further details of the franchise will be discussed and explain.
  3. After the meeting and a location is approved, the signing of Non-disclosure agreement will be signed.
  4. Once the applicant agrees with the project the Business Development Department will forward the application to the Board of Directors for the final interview.
  5. If the applicant is deemed qualified in the final interview, then the Business Development will send the award notice granting the applicant to the franchise.
  6. Begin with securing the required documents to operate the store.
  7. Undergo training and start-up meetings to gear up and be ready for the upcoming grand opening of the store.

Contact Details

Website: www.kuyaj.ph

Fill-out form for general inquiries regarding Kuya J: www.kuyaj.ph/contact-us/

Franchise fill-out form: www.kuyaj.ph/franchise/

Advantages of Franchising Kuya J

  • Kuya J franchise provides in-house financing of up to 70% of capital requirements to start a store.
  • Lower the risk of venturing to new business by entrusting your capital to a reputable franchise brand like Kuya J.
  • Operate under a tried and tested operation and management system.
  • Receive continuous support and assistance from the Kuya J franchise.

Things to Consider before Franchising Kuya J

  • Make sure that the prospect locations are within an appropriate distance to the nearest Kuya J store
  • Review and understand the mission and vision of Kuya J with your own business investment goal.

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