Steps on How to Get a Barangay Clearance

First thing first, before you can get any business permit of some sort, you would be needing to get a barangay clearance from your humble barangay office where you are residing.  Barangay clearance is usually one of the in demand government certificate used in ID applications, legal transactions, affidavits or even when you are applying for a job.  The significance of a barangay clearance is that to prove that you are a responsible and a person with good moral character.  You should not have any records of mischief or wrong doings in your barangay for you to obtain this basic government clearance.

Getting the barangay clearance is essential for you to obtain the business permit from your barangay before you start your operations.  The good news is, the processing of the barangay clearance does not take forever and the best part is, the fees are very minimal too.

What are the needed requirement for your barangay clearance application?

  • Of course, first is you need to obtain the barangay clearance application form from the barangay where you are residing.
  • You need to have the most recent Cedula or community tax certificate. The payment for this depends on your current earnings.
  • Lastly, you need to pay the application fee for the barangay clearance. The amount varies from one barangay to the other.

What are the steps on how to get the barangay clearance?

If you are a good citizen of your barangay then you would feel very confident in filing for this barangay clearance but if otherwise then you should better get some self-introspection done before filing for one.

Kidding aside, getting the barangay clearance is plain and simple.  Check out our prepared step by step procedure below on how to get the barangay clearance below:

  • Locate your barangay hall, look for the personnel in charge of the barangay clearance.
  • You need to inform the barangay officer the reason why you would be needing the barangay clearance.
  • Present your current Cedula or community tax certificate. If you don’t have one then you need not to despair because this can also be obtained from the barangay hall itself.
  • You need to pay the appropriate processing and application of barangay clearance fees.
  • Wait for the barangay officer to inform you when you could claim your barangay clearance. Most barangays do have the same day processing or you can even get your barangay clearance after few minutes especially if there are no derogatory records on file.

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