How to Franchise Hen Lin

How to Start a Hen Lin Franchise Business

Because of the influence Chinese culture has on our society, the Philippines is very familiar with any cuisine China has to offer. The eating habits of every Filipino has, in one way or another, comes from the different effects of those who colonized the country. But before the Spaniards came, China was our trading partner. So much about History but if you will be asked what your favorite siopao ingredient is, you will answer either the asado or the bola-bola. Or perhaps what toppings do you like in your favorite pancit? These questions come from the impact China has on us, Filipinos.

It is no surprise that your favorite siomai, siopao, mami and other popular family snacks are all offered in one great Chinese dim sum treat – Hen Lin. There are now food cart and kiosk franchises that offer siomai, mami and other quick but delicious foods. Hen Lin, for one, is a classy food chain that can offer them all. If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine, there is so much joy that will be shared with people that means so special to you. All over the country, you can choose from over 200 Hen Lin stores nationwide. The possibility of having one in your place is very high.

Company Background

As an established and well-founded brand in the past 30 years, Hen Lin had the trust of Filipinos since 1983. Being one of the pioneers in offering a perfect siomai, the couple-founder decided to introduce an affordable cuisine of Chinese influence. From then on, Chinese cuisine is gradually accepted by the food-loving Filipinos.

The Birth

From the inexpensive siomai to the very famous low-cost Chinese dumplings comes the birth of a dim sum restaurant in Hen Lin. With its birth came many other opportunities because the couple-founder invited the help of a Chef which incidentally introduced some popular Chinese specialties.

With its fresh ideas and innovative styles, it formally opened its very first store in Paranaque. It did not stop there because of the motivation and eagerness of introducing the business nationwide, it was perhaps just the beginning. As the company succeeded, it eventually expanded and the restaurant, aside from its outlet in selected places, has been regular in all SM malls across the country.

Franchise Details

Interested parties in becoming owners of genuine Chinese food may consider Hen Lin as their business. With over 30 years of unequal experience, it could be the best option in the world of Philippine franchising these days. It has a tried and tested formula of success and had been awarded numerous times by different award-giving bodies like Agora Award and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Excellence.

Reasons why Hen Lin is the Best Choice

From the very start, Hen Lin invested on intensive trainings to guarantee that quality foods are served to people consistently. Aside from using the new technologies available, the people responsible in the operation of Hen Lin nationwide likewise need to improve. The following are the reasons why one needs to invest in Hen Lin food system.

  • Aside from the awards mentioned, it also garnered the first HACCP certified Siomai and Siopao in the country
  • Customer satisfaction and top-of-the-line quality of the product are priorities
  • Investment capital is technically reasonable
  • The HR Training and Development are part of the agreement
  • Company support is valued from the store opening to monitoring

First Step to Success

Like any other franchising process, the initial step to do is filling up of the company’s franchise form online. There are also other requirements to be complied thereafter. This first step is the make-or-break opportunity as the company will screen your accomplished franchise form initially.

You can also send your Letter of Intent showing the following details as part of your business proposal. These are:

  • A clear photo of the proposed site
  • Exact location of the prospective site which includes location map
  • Vicinity description which tells something about the surrounding area and the very reason why your place is the perfect location for a Hen Lin restaurant
  • One important thing the company wanted to know is about you. As a future franchisee, the company needs to know something about yourself by giving them brief description of who you are.

Location Specifications

The proposed site that you are going to submit is bounded by the following specifications. Below are the guidelines Hen Lin established which show the details of the kind of store location the company is looking for.

  • If your prospective site is placing your store inside a mall or in a specific building, the place should be properly lighted, air-conditioned and all exhaust system must be properly working
  • As part of the company’s marketing concept, all types of people must be visible in the area
  • The location must have its parking area and purchasing capability of the area is high
  • Included in the checklist is cleanliness because the company believes that clean surroundings attract customers
  • Pedestrian and vehicles must be highly saturated in the area; traffic is high for that matter

From the guidelines mentioned, Hen Lin did not tell about the Total Investment Package. It believes that each store is different from the other. This is the reason why the company is not giving any figure or detail when it comes to franchising fee. It is better to contact the company by referring to the contact information stated below.

Benefits of Owning a Hen Lin Restaurant

  • Recipient of many awards
  • Operating a successful business system for over 30 years
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed as the company prioritizes its valued patrons
  • Company provides training and development to its human resources
  • Store planning is strategically emphasized

The Cons of Franchising Hen Lin

  • Because there is a guideline in looking for the perfect business location, it takes time to meet the criteria required by the company
  • As a franchisee, you need to know how much money you are going to prepare for all the fees required. In Hen Lin, the franchise fee depends on the approved location

Contact Information

If you want to franchise Hen Lin restaurant, you can refer to the following contact details.

Office Address: Business Development Department, M&H Building, Sucat, Paranaque, Metro Manila

Official Website:

Email Address:

Tel. No.: (02) 8203246


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