Top Drugstore Franchises in the Philippines

With the pandemic still throwing everything in chaos, medical supplies to keep up the health of the public is one of the highest priority as of the moment. Some may argue that it’s not the best time to venture on business during such trying times, but that mainly applies to F&B and entertainment industries. For medicine, right now is one of the best times to take part in becoming a part of the distributing stores of quality and affordable medical supplies.

For those who want to bring affordable and quality medical supplies closer to their peers, the following are the three (3) drugstore franchises in the Philippines you can choose to invest to and start your drugstore franchise journey.

The Generics Pharmacy (TGP)

The Generics Pharmacy’s (TGP) origin dates back as far as 1949, but it was only in 2001 when TGP ventured to retail which later resulted in opening its doors for franchising in 2007. Today, with over 2000+ branches nationwide, The Generics Pharmacy is regarded as the largest drugstore nationwide — becoming the leading provider of quality, affordable, and accessible generic medicines and healthcare products and services leading to a healthy and productive life.

TGP Franchise Details

Franchise term: Three (3) years (Renewal up to 2 additional 3-year terms for a total of 9 years)

Minimum Space Requirement: 15 sqm.

Total Investment: 600,000-800,000

Royalty Fee: 1% of gross sales

Advertising Fee: 1% of gross sales (paid every 15th of the succeeding month)


Franchise Fee 150,000
Leasehold Improvements 150,000
P.O.S (Hardware and Software) 110,000
Operating Capital 264,000
Total Capital 674,000

*TGP Franchise Capital Breakdown

*Franchise breakdown expenses are retrieved from TGP’s official website

Steps to Franchise The Generics Pharmacy

  1. Attend a business seminar conducted by TGP
  2. Call Mr. Emer Sanchez at 821-1111 local 417 to register.
  3. Have your prospect location approved by TGP. Ensure the location is 1 kilometer away from the nearest TGP branch
  4. Register with for single proprietorship and SEC for a corporation
  5. Get a lease contract from landlord
  6. Start of renovating shelves and signage
  7. Hire a licensed pharmacist
  8. Send the completed FDA requirements to TGP
  9. Apply for the following permits
  • City hall permits
  • BIR permits
  • POS and/Sales Invoices & O.R permits
  1. Training for franchisee, pharmacist, and assistant

Contact Information


TGP Contact form:

Farmacia ni Dok

Carrying generic, branded, ad natural remedies together with personal care products in a convenient friendly store set-up, and geared with competent professionals — Farmacia ni Dok aims to become one of the front runners in providing quality branded and generic pharmaceutical products in the Philippines.

Franchise Details

Franchise Term: 5 years with 2 additional 5-year renewable term for a total of 15 years.

Royalty Fees: To be paid every 30th of the succeeding month

  • Standard All Generic- 2,500
  • Premium branded Generic- 3,000

Minimum space requirements:

  • Standard All Generic – 15 sqm.
  • Premium Branded Generic – 20sqm.

Farmcia ni Doc Franchise Packages

Standard Packages

  • Estimated cost of investment: Minimum of 399,999
  1. Premium Package

Estimated cost of investment: Minimum of 699,000

3-in-1 Master Package

  • Estimated cost of investment: Minimum of 1,999,000

Steps to Franchise Farmacia ni Dok

  1. Attend a business/franchise opportunity seminar
  2. Choose between the three franchise packages
  3. Submit the following
    • Letter of Intent
    • Filled up Franchisee Pre-Qualification Form
    • Resume
    • Valid ID’s
    • ID picture
    • Vicinity Map
    • Picture of the perspective site and the neighboring area
  4. Payment and Signing of agreement
  5. Ocular Inspection
  6. Preparing permits, licenses, and other regulatory requirements
  7. Site Construction
  8. Training of employees and turnover of franchise operation manual
  9. Acquire the FDA license to operate release
  10. Delivery of initial stock
  11. Finalization
  12. Trial Stage
  13. Grand Opening
  14. After Sales Support

Contact Information


Generika Drugstore

Generika Drugstore started its journey when Mr. Teodoro Ferrer and his business partner Mr. Julien when the two aimed to provide the mass an affordable yet quality generic medicine, which lessons or avoids the chances of people taking a shortcut with medicine because of its high price points.

That goal of the two business partners took shape in 2004, where the first Generika Drugstore opens its first branch in Montillano, Muntinlupa. The quality and affordability of the drugstore’s products were massively supported, which help to quickly spread their branches across the Philippines.

Minimum Space Requirement: 15 sqm.

Franchise Fee: Starts at 210,000

Estimated Cost of Investment: 900k-1.7M

The estimated cost of investment covers:

  • Franchise/ Initial Fee
  • Business permits
  • Security deposit to the commissary
  • Computers, software, POS system
  • Initial inventory
  • Pharma, operations and marketing supplies
  • Store renovation
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Operating capital

How to Franchise Generica Drugstore

Generika Drugstore, disclose their franchise application procedures, requirements, and other franchise details amongst interested applicants — information regarding these concerns are not provided on Generica Drugstore’s official online platforms but can be answered through reaching them through one of their contact details provided below.

Contact Information


Contact No.: (02) 828-1818


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