2021 Business Ideas for OFW and Seafarers Who are Stuck in the Philippines Due to the Pandemic

Pandemic strikes the lives of everyone. The health sector became aggressive and so busy in controlling and fighting the lives of affected patients. Some stay at home for the mandatory protocol of the government that causes a high percentage of job loss and closure of businesses. Filipinos find their ways and means to sustain their needs for their family.

Many people like OFW, Seafarer, and employees search for businesses that suit their budget and can earn a positive profit. Here are the best ideas that can choose:

Processed food

Food is a vital need for everyone. You just need to think of a special recipe for preserved meat or fruits. Life span also takes much longer than needed in case it is needed to travel.

Water business

We cannot live without water so it is a good business to have. You can have purifying and refilling stations having a nice logo and design to make them distinct from others.

Courier services

Online purchases have become a hit and boom in the country. Businesses that deliver parcels are a low investment but have a great return on profitability like Lalamove, Grab, J & T Express, and GogoExpress. Professional drivers can do it in their flexible time.

Maintenance services

Skilled workers, electrical engineers, a plumber, or some other professional trade can start offering their services. Many Filipinos think it is easier and cheaper to repair than to buy a new one.


Pandemic makes everyone stay where they are. Those people in the province usually engaged in traditional rice, vegetable farming, tilapia, and Bangus breeding. It is a good venture that requires more time and higher profit if proper strategies are utilized.

Aquaculture like raising uland, eel, lobsters, Lapu-Lapu, and or Giant Malaysian Prawns can also be a good option.


If you are skilled workers doing carpentry, construction, or engineering it is best to build your own business. Building dream homes or commercial establishments are always in demand whatever season it will be.

Computer Shop

Pandemic also hit the educational sector. Everyone stays at home, especially minor. Students attend online schooling through their cellphones and computers. Computer shop helps a lot of students. Only 18 years old and above can go to the computer shop that follows the government mandatory protocol of social distancing.

Vulcanizing / Automotive Supplies Shop

Vehicles are anywhere. Maintenance of a vehicle is too costly so owners of vulcanizing/automotive supplies shops make a profitable growth by providing the services and goods needed for repairing and to beautify their vehicles.

Gadgets Store

Digital worlds tend to be updated in our society and using gadgets now is also a necessity especially for communication purposes. Many people invest in it and it is a good business if you will catch up with the trend of technology. You must find a supplier who can import high-quality techy devices to gain and cater to large markets.

Transport services

Vehicles are so important to everyone. You can make a business of car hires or van rentals. Some on-demand vehicle platforms like Grab are popular nowadays because of the minimum allotted and only a few vehicles are allowed to travel.

Real estate

Becoming a real estate agent can give you a high income. Skill in persuading people and good strategy in marketing as capital will have a good profit.


Selling of clothes, shoes, and accessories is one of a good choice. It caters to any age, gender, and any type of people depending on your target market. It has no expiration. But make sure you know the trending fashion style. You can have your clothing line, create accessories and shoe lines.

Recruitment agency

Building a recruitment agency that will connect unemployed people to those companies who need employees. Sending people internationally to those OFW that are stuck due to pandemic can be a bigger business. Cruise line industry or other places like the Middle East area. Just make sure to have a permit and give proper benefits to employees.

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