How to Start a Monterey Meatshop Franchise

Everyone loves meat, there’s no doubt about it. Everywhere you look, you’ll have restaurants and grocery stores selling items consisting of meat. Its worldwide consumption is something unprecedented and there is no denying of the fact that eating is such a satisfying and even celebrated event.

Which is why there is no end to eating meat: delicious and tasty, no other kind of food can give your stomach a content meal like meat. Grocery stores especially are able to provide such demand because it is virtually endless: people are always hungry.

Wouldn’t you want to invest in such a profitable and sustainable business? If you are, then you have to take a look at Monterey Meatshop, one of the best provider of meats in the Philippines!

Brief History of Monterey Meatshop Franchise

Monterey meat products are now part of everyday Filipino life. With its “farm to market” concept, the Filipino consumer is assured of quality meats for every meal.

Monterey’s commitment to total quality extends from its farm to nationwide distribution network. Its quality meat products are delivered by refrigerated Monterey trucks and are available in in supermarkets (Monterey Meatshop), in stand-alone meatshops (Monterey Meatshop Plus) and other retail outlets (Monterey Meat Express) There are already over 200+ Meatshops operating nationwide.

Monterey started franchising in 1990 with 4 meatshops. But because of the continuing patronage of many Filipino consumers, the number has increased significantly over the years. Today, Monterey’s franchised meatshops are found nationwide, distributing Monterey quality meats from Luzon to Mindanao.

Monterey Neighborhood Meatshops are stand-alone outlets that exclusively sell a wide range of Monterey pork, beef and selected lamb products, Monterey Ready-to-Cook Meats, Magnolia Chicken products, Purefoods hotdogs and other selected San Miguel products. Each Monterey Meatshop boasts of modern meat fabrication equipment and display showcase. It is manned by a crew of butchers and merchandisers trained in the Monterey Meatshop School to assure customers of courteous and efficient service.

Monterey will continue to expand its franchise network, true to its commitment of providing Filipino families with world-class meat products. We invite you to be part of this commitment and growth. Invest in a Monterey Meatshop and be a part of our growing family of franchisees.

Why consumers choose Monterey

  • Guaranteed Fresh, Guaranteed Disease Free

Monterey meats are chilled via a unique, advance blast-chilling process right after slaughter. This neutralizes bacterial growth and ensures that freshness is locked in. Monterey meats are also checked daily by the National Meat Inspection Commission to guarantee that it is disease-free.

  • Leaner Meats

Monterey hogs and cattle are Grade-A imported breeds subjected to strict growing and feeding practices-for leaner, higher quality meats.

Monterey pork comes from grain-fed hogs that produce healthy, lean and parasite-free meat. The beef comes from imported Australian cattle fattened with grain and protein concentrates to produce tender and wholesome steaks and other beef cuts.

  • Improved Tenderness

Monterey, hogs and cattle are handed with much care-from breeding up to slaughtering and storage. Its animals are rested just prior to processing to prevent muscles from becoming though due to stress. This procedure helps improve meat tenderness.

Monterey Meatshop Franchise Information

Franchise fee: Php 336,000

Investment expense:

  • Initial investment: Php 3,000,000 – Php 3,600,000
  • Construction cost: Php 800,000
  • Marketing materials: Php 20,000
  • Equipment & Supplies: Php 1,900,000


  • Royalty fee: 2%
  • Advertising fee: 2% (monthly)

Minimum required space: 60 square meters of floor space with frontage of approximately 5 meters

Monterey Meatshop Franchise inclusion:

  • Monterey signage
  • Staff training
  • Management training
  • Marketing and operations support
  • Store construction assistance

Steps to Starting Monterey Meatshop Franchise

  1. Submit Letter of Intent with attached proposed location to San Miguel Foods Inc. If you are the site owner and want to have your commercial space leased, provide a proposal with the complete address and sketch of the location.
  1. Submit application form for evaluation and screening by Monterey.
  1. Your proposed site will undergo a survey and computation for its potential as a franchise. The location will also be pending for approval by the Monterey Management.
  1. You will need to provide a presentation of the business plan and present to the Franchisee Selection Panel.
  1. Once your application is approved, you will need to sign the Franchise Agreement.
  1. Outlining the planning and implementation of activities for development.
  1. You and your staff will be required to undergo training at the Monterey Meatshop Franchise School.
  1. Finally, the grand opening of the branch!

All in all, from application to construction, it will take about 90 days.

Moneterey Meatshop Franchise Contact Information

Office Address: 7th Floor JMT Corporate Condominium ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Telephone number: (02) 633 6328

Facebook page:

Twitter page:


Email address:

Advantage of Monterey Meatshop Franchise

  • Tried and tested business model
  • Profit is guaranteed

Disadvantage of Monterey Meatshop Franchise

  • Royalty and advertising fees are going to cut a part of your profit
  • Management may or may not be limited


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  1. I am very interested in a Monterey franchise in Alaminos, Pangasinan. Is that a a good possible site? I believe a Monterey Meat Shop would be a very good draw for all the foreigners in the surrounding area as any existing meat shop including the CSI are totally lacking in display and quality. We actually drive to Dagupan from Bolinao to buy our meat and know many other foreigners that do the same.

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