The Best Mechanical Engineering Companies to Work for in the Philippines

Mechanical Engineering is use as an art of creative designing and turning that design concept into something real. Without Mechanical Engineering, humans would not able to experience to have engines, buildings, generators, air conditioners, and more. Mechanical Engineering enables humans to do daily activities in a fast and convenient way. Here are some of the Mechanical Companies in the Philippines:

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd is one of the well-known and top engineering enterprises in the Philippines. SMCC is conducting with various principles to ensure that they are rich in both input and output. Sumitomo offers services in the pursuit of client satisfaction and needs such as consulting, renovating, construction, environmental, and more. Sumitomo treats the employees and clients with respect and great benefits. Also, Sumitomo assures that the employees will fully exercise their skills and ability as an individual.

JGC Philippines Inc.

JGC Philippines is one of the notable Engineering and Construction Company in the Philippines. It is also known for sustaining fast, reliable, cost-efficient service to all of its customers.  JGC Philippines supports its employees’ development in terms of seeking their strengths such as technical skills. They believe that there is always room for continuous improvement. The company also guides its employees in achieving the main principles (for example mutual trust) and advertising high ethical standards.

Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation

Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation was established in 1995 and has been the go-to firm for constructions of bridges, highways, harbors, power plants, ports, and many more all over the country. The firm gained the trust of the countrymen in terms of striving for excellence in making sure to contribute to the construction industry. Sta. Elena Construction became one of the well-known engineering companies in the Philippines. Sta. Elena also focuses on guiding their employees to do what is right and must.

International Elevator and Equipment Inc.

International Elevator and Equipment Inc. have been recognized as the leader in the field of maintenance of escalators and elevators, installation, design, and sales in the Philippines. International Elevator and Equipment always strive to innovate and improve its services and follows the policy that meets Customer Satisfaction and needs. International Elevator and Equipment Inc. or IEE values their workers. The company is willing to help and give good benefits and salaries to their workers. Also, the IEE wants their workers to be comfortable and safe so they can perform the task well.

Newcore Industries

Newcore Industries was born and created to become the sole provider of green and sustainable products that will make a huge difference to the lives of everyone. Newcore industries Asia headquarters is located at Garcia St. Brgy, Poblacion in Makati City, Philippines, and the International Headquarters is located at Tonisvorst Germany. Newcore Industries operate various systems such as Structured Cabling, CCTV, Card Access, and many more. The employees of the company such as the Engineers, Architects, and designers are highly trained and flexible to understand the expectations and needs of the clients. The company aims and promotes eco-friendly products that will conserve the precious mother earth.


Sustena envisions the Philippines to become energy independent. Sustena specialties are Solar Energy System, Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Rooftop Solar Panel, Solar Integrator, and more. The company’s headquarters is located in Makati City, Metro Manila. The company provides varieties of solutions for commercial, residential, and utility-scale renewable energy projects that can reduce electricity bills. One of their alternative solutions is solar energy that can draw power from the electric grid that can benefit the environment and the people. The company wants to exceed the clients’ demand and expectation by using high-quality renewable energy elements that are available in the market. 

Pure Energy Holdings Corp.

Pure Energy Holdings Corp. is an investment holding company that converts and develops renewable energy to the communities. It is located at Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City 1231, Philippines. It was established in 2003 to become a basic service energy provider of the community. The company test, exploits, finds, and develops possible strategies and solutions for energy production. 

SGS Philippines, Inc.

SGS has five different areas of expertise: The Petroleum Industry, the Gas Industry, the Electrical Power Industry, the Coal Industry, and renewable energy.  SGS offers services, products and helps to various companies and traders who need a comprehensive range of exploration and services in different industry such as the coal industry for example.

Solaric Corporation

Solaric is trusted by thousands of households for the past decade and has been recognized as the leading company for solar PV installations throughout the Philippines. Solaric aims to provide an affordable and clean sustainable energy system that lessens carbon footprint to the clients. In that way, the clients will be able to save a huge amount of money because it will reduce the energy and power bill. Solaric promotes and campaigns green energy for everyone.

Energy Development Corporation

Philippine National Oil Company is an umbrella organization that created the Energy Development Corporation that aims to explore and develop indigenous resources in the Philippines. The company has successfully built and operates seven geothermal steam fields in different five geothermal areas. Also, it has become one of the leading geothermal energy providers in the Philippines. Energy Development Corporation focuses on providing the investors and clients a better life through purification and renewable energy.

TeaM Energy

In 2001, TeaM Energy launched its partnership with the Department of Energy in the Philippines. It is one of the largest power producers in the Philippines. Now the company is rapidly changing the world through uplifting the lives of many Filipino people. Aside from generating electricity all over the Philippines the company also extends its help in the field of education, economic development, environmental protection, and health.

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