Business Ideas for 10k or Less Capital

Some businesses can start for only Php 10,000 or less as capital. You can make a sari-sari store, cook pastry, and sell. But many businesses have a good concept and strategy that everyone can select. Here are some of the best ideas:

eCommerce Business

eCommerce is the buying and selling of goods or services where transactions are done with the use of the internet. During the lockdown, most transactions are online. It booms and becomes on demand. Some are buying essential needs like foods, clothes, shoes, and even plants. You can sell and earn income even at the comfort of your home. Just need to have attractive and persuasive content in every post you will make to capture email subscribers. It is the time that you can inform all your sales, discounts, and promos once they subscribe. Most eCommerce websites in the Philippines are Shopee and Lazada. You can start creating your online shop there. They will guide you as a seller on how to sign up, list your products, and shipment. Facebook is also a good place to sell. You just need to upload your products with catchy descriptions to attract customers. Immediate response to all inquiries is also needed to close a deal. Dropshipping is also a good option wherein a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. When a store sells a product using dropshipping, it buys the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

Loading or Remittance Business

We all need to load our cell phones or any gadgets to communicate with our loved ones and friends. Students now also need it to attend to their online schooling. It is a good business even if it only earns a low income but surely never goes wrong. It also includes remittance and paying bills through cellular phones. You don’t have any additional fees on franchising, application, and annual processing.

Buy and Sell Business

Buying and selling make it easier now because of the internet. You just need to find a good supplier that can give you a discount and good quality items then post it on any social media site. Clothes, shoes, and gadgets can buy for a wholesale price to have a high profit.

Ice Cream Dealership

You just need to invest in a freezer and ice cream products. Place it even in front of your house and surely customers will just buy your products.

Food Cart Business

You can make your food cart that will highlight your concept or theme. Stocks of items will also be your choice. Kitchen utensils and equipment must also need to start. Just select an item that will not deteriorate easily. The place is the vital factor so find a place that will easily see your food cart and customers can come and go.

Pastry Business

If you have a hobby and passion for baking, it can also turn into a business. You can bake cakes, cupcakes, or any pastries inside your kitchen. Take a photo of it and post it on social media to advertise your creativity. You can give discounts and promo as a dry run opening.

Do- It- Yourself Business

Millennials often go for handmade items like soap, candles, insect repellent, and hand sanitizer. You can attend seminars for training and watch internet videos for instructions.

Event Coordinator/ Party Styling Business

You can start a business by planning and designing the venue of an event. You can ask for a down payment first upon reservation and booking of date to enable you to buy materials that will be used. Less investment and can serve as a security deposit on your part.


Filipinos tend to be one of the top in the world using the internet. Blogging also booms in times of pandemic when everyone is bored in their houses and to express their feelings. It also opens the world of blogging. People take videos of what they do, their hobbies, and their talents. Some just used their cellphone to take a shoot and just add creativity to editing. You can earn a good profit on it if you will reach the required number of subscribers and watch hours.

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