The Best Vegan Restaurant Franchises in the Philippines

People right now are all about healthy living, after all, health is wealth, right? And out of all the famous healthy living practices that people are converting into, one of the most famous ones is, veganism; the practice of only eating a plant-based meal — a diet that is both good for our body, the environment, and the animals.

Luckily if you’re one of those people who are passionate to spread the practice of vegetarianism, then investing in a franchise that offers vegan products is one of the first steps to encourage large groups of people to try out vegan food.

If you’re interested, continue reading to see the three restaurants you can franchise in the Philippines who have healthy and vegan food on their menu list. 

The Café Mediterranean

The Café Mediterranean started in 1994, by the two siblings, Gonzalo and Giovanna together with their sister-in-law Marla Moran. They put out their first store in Greenbelt Mall, where the three offered traditional cuisines from 14 or so countries within the Mediterranean, offering the locals the option to taste international delicacies.

At the same time, the restaurant’s menu included vegan and vegetarian options which is a delight for those looking for quick and delicious healthy food to eat while basking on the restaurant’s warm, friendly and funky atmosphere.

Franchise Details

Franchise Fee: 1,000,000

*Estimated total outlay, base on a 50-75 sq.m floor area


Basic Construction 2-2.5M
Equipment 600,000
Accessories (Furniture & Décor) 500,000

Royalty Fee: 5% of Gross Sales

Marketing Fee: 1% of Gross Sales

Floor Area Requirement: 70-150 sqm. 

Contact Information 




Phone: (02) 896 8625

The Sandwich Guy

Going on a diet or being a vegan does not mean bland and boring food, and The Sandwich Guy lives up to defy this generalization other people have about healthy living. Since its establishment in 2008, The Sandwich Guy had been producing delicious yet healthy alternatives to all-time favorites that are supposedly considered ‘unhealthy’, like pasta, sandwiches, and more. The shop also started offering vegetarian options to their menu which makes The Sandwich Guy an ideal franchise option for those who want to offer both non-vegan and vegan food items.

How to Franchise The Sandwich Guy

As of writing The Sandwich Guy business does not disclose their franchise details online. Don’t lose heart, as the business franchise is very responsive and ready to answer applicant’s inquiries, therefore it’s highly encouraging to personally inquire about the business regarding the franchise details and process on how to apply.

Alternatively, from inquiring on their social media platforms, applicants are can also preferably fill out the franchise inquiry form of The Sandwich Guy, found on this link. The form includes the following to fill out:

  • Name of applicant
  • Contact Information (Address, Email, contact number)
  • Background experience with franchises
  • Prospect Location (If applicable)
  • Range of applicant’s available investment capital

Wait for The Sandwich Guy’s response to receive further assistance and information regarding the process of application.

Contact Information




Shaka Cafés

If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant franchise that advocates healthy living while helping the community and the environment, then Shaka Cafés is the franchise for you. Offering the freshest organic fruits and vegetables, with no additives and preservatives. Shaka Cafés create scrumptious food recipes while taking consideration of the taste and its health benefits. Franchise with them to become a part of the rare establishments which promote the usage of sustainable products and helping out local communities.

How to Franchise Shaka Cafés

Email or chat Shaka Cafes through their official franchise email and social media accounts, stating information regarding the applicant including the following, but not limited to:

  • Name
  • Prospect Location
  • Applicant’s background (Include details that you deem applicable to be advantageous on getting the franchise application approved by Shaka Cafés)
  • Reason for choosing Shaka Cafés (A crucial part, as both the franchise and franchisee, must have their vision and mission align to run a successful business)

Contact Information





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