How to Start Turks Shawarma Franchise in the Philippines

One of the cuisines that are well-loved by the Filipinos are the Mediterranean food, and among the plethora of dishes from that area, one quick snack that had been a crowd favorite for quite some time now, is none other than, the shawarma.

A quick, mobile snack that is meaty, while still having some vegetables to feel healthy and to also cut off the meat grease, and all of these wrap in delicious pita bread.

Mouthwatering and filling, no wonder everyone’s been loving this snack, and I’m sure you notice too how people had been constantly craving it, and one name that is usually associated with shawarma in the Philippines is Turks — one of the fastest-growing shawarma chains in the Philippines, making it an ideal business venture to those thinking of investing in a business format with shawarma as the core product.

Interested? Then keep on reading to see more about Turks and find out the application process and franchise packages suitable for you.

About Turks Shawarma Franchise

Turks started its journey back in 2007, and while it’s been a while since the establishment, the company only truly see a boom to its sales and popularity during the recent years, which some claims to be attributed to the brand hiring Piolo Pascual as the face of the business, and the enormity of their marketing on almost every place to put an advertisement proves to success as Turks saw the success of its brand go higher in a matter of a few years.

Today the Turks shawarma brand is associated as one of the go-to shawarma outlets by the Filipinos and became a big part of distributing one of the most popular Mediterranean food in the Philippines.

Turks Shawarma Franchise Details

Franchise Fee: 1 Million to 1.4 Million

Estimated Cost of Investment: 1.6 Million to 3.4 Million depending on site, store set-up, and others.

Store Set-up Space Requirement
Food cart 4 square meters
Kiosk 8-10 square meters
Take-out 11-15 square meters
Food Stall 15-30 square meters
In Line Minimum of 20 square meters


*The stated prices may change without prior notice. For a more up to date and accurate estimate cost and fees, please visit and reach the official contact details of Turks Philippines. 

4 Easy Steps to Become a Turks Franchisee

The Initial Screening Requirements (ISR) mentioned below is a form provided to applicants who reach the company by their official contact details. A mobile number and email address may be requested by Turks upon inquiry for the ISR.

  1. Fill out the ISR and send via email, attaching the following required documents
  • Letter of intent
  • The proposed location and lease offer (If applicable)
  • Bank statement/certificate
  1. Attend the business opportunity and meeting (BOM) set by Turks.
  2. The application and proposed location will undergo an approval processed. After evaluating, the applicant will be updated if the application and proposed location are approved.
  3. Lastly, is the signing of the franchise agreement and settlement of the franchise fee and schedule of franchise orientation.

Contact Details


Contact No.: 990-9992



 Is it Worth it to Franchise Turks?

If looking from the standpoint of its popularity and the great reputation of the brand for its quality and taste, then it’s a big YES. Turks by far are not the one, it’s among the leading shawarma brands in the Philippines. With such a great reputation and the idea of producing one of the crowd favorite product of the Philippine market, makes Turks such an ideal business investment.

However, it is important to note that while Turks have a great reputation, it is still no guarantee that the franchise will succeed. After all, a franchise can only do so much to lower the risk of a business failing with its quality suppliers, recipes, training, and all kind of support.

The franchisee’s ability to manage the branch will still hold the greatest effect on driving the branch to success.

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