The Best Transnational Companies in the Philippines

Transnational companies are equipped with a global experience while being deeply connected with their local market due to operating closely according to the state of the community. Some of these transnational companies are so big and well-known by the locals that sometimes we forget or not even aware that these companies are not home-grown businesses.

What is a Transnational Company?

Transnational companies (TNC) or also known as multinational companies or corporates are defined as any company or corporates which has a home-based but is registered, operates and has assets and other facilities

Transnational Companies in the Philippines


Nestle products had been available in the Philippine market since the 1890s but it was only in 1911 when Nestle had been officially established as a company in the Philippines. During World War II the company was forced into closure but later came back to operate under a new name Filipro, Inc. distributing long well-known products among Filipinos such as Milo, Nido, Milkmaid, and Nescafe.

Still under the name of Filipro, Inc. the company formed a partnership with the San Miguel Corporation, which started Filipro’s local production in the Philippines. The partnership gave birth to Nutritional Products, Inc. (Nutripro). The company went through a lot of changes and difficulties, but later in 1986, the company came back to its name Nestle or Nestle Philippines, Inc.

Ford Philippines

The Dearborn, Michigan based company was established in the Philippines around July 2000. The company had been manufacturing, marketing, designing and providing services for all the line of Ford cars, trucks, SUVs, e-cars, luxury vehicles and more.

Ford Philippines handles all local sales, service and marketing activities held in the Philippines. In pursuit of providing quality service which is continuously improving according to the market. Ford Philippine combine the efforts of sourced products sourced from Thailand and North America together with over 80 employees in support of marketing, sales, and service operation of Ford Philippines

Shell Philippines

The international energy company started its exploration and development in the Philippines on January 21, 1991, when it received its licensure to do business in the Philippines. In a joint venture with Occidental Philippines, the two started their duties of fulfilling the obligation to explore and develop Service contract 38 (SC38) offshore Northwest of Palawan.

With Shell as the operator of the joint venture, Shell is the one providing the technical skills, manpower, and technology. The company’s project allows the technical and industrial industry to grow, thus improving the economic growth by creating quality jobs and opportunities for Filipinos within the technology and industrial field.


Making sustainable living a commonplace- is the purpose which Unilever had been living with and pursuing to spread since the 1890s. A product line that promotes cleanliness and hygiene in Victorian England. And across over 400 brands under Unilever, that purpose lives on. Some of their household brands include Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Axe, Hellmann’s and Omo- and all of it integrates the goal of helping their customers to look good, feel good, and get out more out of life.

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