The Best Telecommunication Companies in the Philippines

The world is getting smaller, and people are becoming closer, one of the key players of this phenomenon is the birth of the internet and one of the pillars which propagate this is the telecommunication companies present on each country.

In the Philippines there are numerous telecommunication companies, helping Filipinos to also connect and become closer to people around the globe. Read further and see some of the existing telecommunication companies in the country which had helped the Philippines to be more closer than ever.

What does telecommunication companies do?

Telecommunication companies are the mediums utilized to communicate, by sending and receiving information from one place to another. It should be made clear that telecommunication companies do not create the content they deliver but they are merely the routes of info transportation. The telecommunication industry is also divided into four main sectors: wired, wireless, satellite, and other telecommunication establishments.

Telecommunication Companies in the Philippines

Transpacific Broadband Group, Inc. (TBGI)

Transpacific Broadband Group, Inc is a Philippine-based telecommunications and broadcasting company that deals with internet services, wireless networking, educational programs, applications hosting, and content conversion.

The domestic corporation registered with the SEC on July 14, 1995, and started its official commercial operation later in 1996. And since then TBGI had been one of the key figures of the Philippines’ nationwide communication system.

The Philippine Communications Satellite Corporation (PHILCOMSAT)

The PHILCOMSAT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Philippine Overseas Telecommunication Corporation (POTC). The company had been helping the country become connected globally, and make it easier for the Philippines to connect outside the country’s shore by providing services which include but not limited to voice/fax, data, audio, video, broadcast TV, internet or IP multimedia applications.

Converge ICT

Established in Pampanga which earned its name ComClarck within the community. According to the 2009 Republic Act no. 9707-Converge ICT is granted permission to construct, install establish, operate and maintain its telecommunication systems across the Philippines.

As of writing Converge ICT is known as the company providing the lowest rate for no data cap internet connection while still providing an ample amount of Mbps to its customer. The company’s referral reward system is also created to promote the word of mouth advertisement.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT Home)

The company was founded on November 28, 1928. The company has three principal groups known as the fixed-line, wireless, and information and communication technology.

PLDT Home pride itself as one of the leading providers of broadband and digital services in the Philippines. With a scope spanning from internet connection to a landline or both. The diversity of services they provide made the company together with the community prosper.

Sky Cable

Sky Cable introduced its services among Filipinos in 1990. Offering both Pay TV and broadband services in the Philippines through their various products under SKYdirect, SKY Fiber, and SKYcable.

The wide selection of channels and quality programs offering rich content that entertain, educate, inspire, and offer experiences to Filipinos all available in HD made Sky Cable one of the front faces of cable provider in the country.


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