Step by Step Guide on How to Be An SSS Voluntary Member

The SSS or the Social Security System is the Philippine insurance created for the private employees, self-employed individuals, non-working spouses of active members, separated SSS members or those who are not connected with their previous companies anymore but wishes to continue with their SSS contributions and even the Filipinos who are working abroad who are actively known as OFWs.  In short, those who are not working or employed by the government would fall under this Philippine insurance.

What Are The Benefits of Being An SSS Member?

Being a member of the SSS does not only mean that you will be deducted monthly for nothing.  You are paying or contributing for something that is vital in your future.  Being a member of the SSS or the Social Security System may enjoy any of the following benefits:

  • Entitlement of availing SSS salary loans after achieving the total number of required monthly contribution which is at least 36 months for the one month loan. 6 months should be within the current twelve months of the year prior to the filing of the loan application.  On the other hand, for the two month loan, the required contribution should be at least 72 months of contribution with the same predicament mentioned earlier.  There are rules before one would be entitled for the loan aside from the minimum monthly contributions and they are as follows:
    • The member or the borrower should have an updated monthly contributions.
    • The member or the borrower has not availed of the final benefit such as retirement, death or total permanent disability.
    • The age of the member or the borrower should be below 65 years old at the time of application of the salary loan.
    • The member or the borrower should not be accused of any type of fraud against SSS.
  • SSS members are entitled to have SSS benefits such as the sickness, maternity, disability, retirement, death and funeral assistance.
  • SSS members are protected under the Employees Compensation Law.
  • SSS members who are underground mineworkers are also covered with the benefits that are enjoyed by its members.

What are the Steps to Follow In order to become a Voluntary SSS Member?

  1. SSS E-Form 1 should be accomplished and filled out if you are not yet a voluntary member.
  2. The accomplished SSS E-Form 1 should be submitted together with the prerequisite documents such as the Philippine Statistics Authority issued birth certificate, government issued ID such as PRC, voter’s ID, Philippine passport and any valid ID card.
  3. Once your documents and form are accepted, you will be given your SSS number that you will use for a lifetime.
  4. You can start paying your SSS contribution based on your member category.
  5. Other members switch from being an indirect payer of SSS contribution by being an employee to a voluntary member of SSS by using the SSS RS-5 form or by checking out the SSS website for more details and information.

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