Is S&R Pizza Open for Franchising for Filipinos? Find the Answer Here!

Pizza is one of the most sought out food out there, because of its diversity of flavor, which makes it easier to suit people which prefers a specific flavor. One of the recent stores providing this crowd favorite is the S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor. While the store is new, its parent-business, the S&R membership-grocery store had been around longer.

The advantage of this lone pizza parlor is the fact that people, members or not of the S&R grocery store can now finally access the famous food service items. Read further and find out the possibility of becoming an S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor franchisee.

About S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor

S&R is more well-known as one of the leading membership and warehouse shopping outlets modeled after grocery stores with the same concept found in the United States.

As of 2019, the S&R outlets found in the Philippines amounts to 16 warehouses and counting, and all of these are under the management of Cosco Capital, Inc.

The grocery store offers wide a variety of products and services from poultry, fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, beauty products, wellness items, appliances, and more. The stores also have in-house outlets that offer freshly baked bread and pastries, food service providing their iconic New York-style pizzas, calzones, churros and more.

And recently, S&R finally established the S&R New York Style Pizza Parlour in the Philippines, a store which offers the sought after items found on their food service section. 

S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor Product Line

  • New York Style Pizza
  • Southern Style Chicken
  • Hotdogs
  • Churros
  • Calzones
  • French Fries
  • Burgers
  • Baked roles

Is the S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor Open for Franchise?

The S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor currently popping around the country are all under the management of the company itself, the same goes for its warehouse membership grocery stores.

As of writing S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor is not open for franchising opportunities. While the S&R membership-grocery store is not opening for the franchise, the same case may not be applied to their pizza parlor. Perhaps in a few years, Cosco may possibly open opportunities for those who are interested in franchising the S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor.

S&R Contact Information

Address: 32nd St. 5th Ave. Bonifacio Global City 1634



Alternatively you may reach S&R’s customer service team by filling out the form on the website’s page (this is the link to contact us page of S&R)

Are Business Concepts like S&R New York Style Pizza Parlor a Good Investment?

The S&R New York Style Pizza is an ideal type of business concept to established, regardless of the location, as it offers a product line that fulfills two of a person’s daily necessities-food and beverages.

The store also offers food and drinks which are well-familiar to the general public (pizza and chicken) which makes it easier to attract customers.

A casual dining set-up makes stores like S&R easier for everyone to comfortably dine-in on the place.

Overall, if managed well and marketed carefully, business concepts like the S&R New York Style Parlor can be a success, specifically in the Philippines where Pizza parlors are not as wide-spread in comparison to other places.


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  1. I am interested to get S&R Pizza franchise please guide me how can I get a info and how much the investment

  2. hi, i would like to know if S&R New York Style Pizza can be applied for franchising? If yes, what are the requirements. I am an OFW and planning to retire from abroad. you may send me viber/whatsapp on +97455892840

  3. Our Family is interested to Franchise SNR New York Style Pizza, How much will it cost?

    Hoping and Praying po that you will be able to help us.

    Thank you po ❤️

  4. Hi S&R management. I’m interested to your franchise. May I know the requirements and how much all your fees. By the way not the grocery just the pizza. I love your pizza and I guess it will be high grossing business here in my area, many longing for it.

  5. Hi, I am interested to franchise S n R Pizza in Naga City, Camarines Sur. Please, lmk. Here’s my contact # +639661787007

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