S&R Franchise: Is it possible to own this right now?

Nobody wants to drive through five separate stores, each half an hour away from the other, to get all of their necessities. It’s tiring and the traffic you’ll go through is just not worth it. Reasons why people are big fans of the growing popularity of one-stop-shop concepts in the Philippines.

One of the most famous one-stop-shop in the Philippines is the membership store S&R. With a wide array of goods, affordable bundles, endless membership perks and the rare find you can find at S&R, it’s no wonder why many are support this business by the day.

You too might have caught up from S&R’s rising popularity and also curious if how can you franchise S&R?

For those who are interested, the following is some information to provide you more insight regarding the business and the availability of franchising S&R.

About S&R

S&R is a business in partnership with a multi-billion dollar retailer, Costco. Together with Lucio Co., owner of Puregold — the famous local grocery store in the Philippines, S&R quickly became a market favorite.

Distributing rare finds from food, a beverage to household items, Filipinos quickly appreciated the membership-shopping club as their next go-to grocery to get all their needs in one place. 

What Makes S&R Unique?

It’s a one-stop-shop, from clothes, bath, food, and beverage, everything that you need can be found at S&R it’s like a whole mall but with more perks and benefits the more you shop with them.

While some might think that the idea of members-only grocery shops will turn off most people, surprisingly many love it, specifically because of the exclusivity and the rare find you can shop at S&R not commonly available at Philippine’s local store.

Is S&R Grocery Available for Franchising?

Similar to Lucio’s other grocery business giant, Puregold — S&R too is not available for franchising. As of writing Lucio Co. owner of S&R hasn’t disclosed any plans for franchising opportunities, nor did he dismiss any ideas of expanding the business through the franchise.

Right now, we can patiently wait and be updated if the S&R members-only grocery will open its doors to interested franchise investors. 

Contact Details

Address: 32nd St. 5th Ave. Bonifacio Global City 1634

Facebook: facebook.com/snrmembershipshopping/

Website: snrshopping.com/

The Pros and Cons of Franchising S&R shopping store in the Philippines

While the franchise opportunities for S&R are not yet available, those are hoping for its availability may benefit on the following information to help weigh the pros and cons of franchising S&R 


  • The numerous perks and benefits provided by S&R are great ways to attract customers
  • S&R is a reputable business trusted by Filipinos
  • Be one of the rare one-stop-shop stores in the Philippines which offers a wide variety of local and foreign products not available in the Philippine market.
  • Receive the support from a business of an owner with a great track record of success in the industry.
  • Be part of one of the rapidly growing one-stop-shop membership store in the Philippines


  • Scoring a big enough location to accommodate the massive store and its parking space, in the middle of the city where S&R is mostly in demand, can be challenging.
  • The chance to become an S&R franchisee is not yet available.
  • A financially stable franchisee is ideal to support the operation and maintenance of the business.
  • A massive grocery store like S&R requires excellent business and people’s management from its owner, to help with the success of the branch.


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