How to Start a Shell Franchise in the Philippines

As our society move towards industrialization and further advancement, energy companies are becoming more in-demand  to supply the needed energy to fuel all our technology and machinery.

If you’re one of the investors who are interested to invest in a reputable energy brand in the Philippines, then Shell is one of the best brands to consider.

With it’s long history built from trust from their dealer and customers, Shell is a great option if you want to start your journey in the energy industry. Know more about Shell and how to become their dealer by checking out the information below.

About Shell  Franchise in the Philippines

Shell had been one of the leading energy companies in the Philippines for over 100 years. Providing world-class products and service to demand of the growing economy of the country. Shell today is a continuously growing and improving company, which helps fuel their customers and dealers to success. 

2 Types of Shell Dealership Opportunities

  • Company Owned Dealer Operated (CODO)

Shell will shoulder the equipping and building the station, while the Dealer is responsible for the operating and managing the station. 

Estimated Cost of Investment: 5-6 Million

Franchise Fee: None

ROI (Return of Investment): 20-30%

  • Dealer Owned Dealer Operated (DODO)

Dealer is responsible for building, equipping, operating and managing the station. 

Required Site Location: 600-1000 sqm with 30-50 sqm frontage.

Estimated Cost of Initial Investment: 10-12 Million

Franchise Fees: None

Return of Investment (ROI): 20-30% 

Qualifications to Become a Shell Dealer

  • Applicant should not be more than 55-years old
  • A Filipino national with an established residence in the Philippines
  • An ideal Shell dealer should have background experience and knowledge on how to manage and operate a business
  • Dealer should not be an ex-employee or ex-retailer from the oil industry for the last 2 years
  • The dealer should be the sole proprietor. If applicant is of corporation, managing partner must have 50.1% of shares.

How to Become a Shell Dealer?

  1. Choose what dealership platform you prefer
  2. Visit Shell’s official website and download their dealer application form.
  3. Fill-out and submit the application.
  4. Send the application through, attached are the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact number
  • Preferred location for Dealership application
  1. Application will undergo a review process
  2. Upon approval, Shell will contact the applicant to give instruction to the proceeding steps of the application process.

Shell Philippines Franchise Contact Details


Telephone no. (Metro Manila): +632 8878 8888

PLDT toll-free no. (outside Metro Manila): 1-800-10000-3333


Advantages of Franchising Shell

  • Become a dealer of a well-established and recognized energy brand in the Philippine
  • Receive continuous support and growth programs from the business
  • Become a distributor of the most in-demand commodity across industries
  • Shell have great reputation with their relationship with their dealers.
  • Join the network of the growing 1,000+ outlets
  • Operate and manage your station using a tried and tested system of Shell.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Shell

  • Carefully review the qualification to become a Shell dealer.
  • Be financially sound to support and operate your station.
  • Have the willingness to uphold the standard set by Shell.
  • Weigh carefully the pros and cons Shell offer compared to out prominent energy companies in the market.
  • Read and understand carefully the terms and conditions set by Shell.


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