How to Get a Sanitary Permit in the Philippines

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, the cleanliness of the workplace or the business area must always come first. It leaves a good impression on both the clients and employees. A tidy working environment looks appealing, pleasing, and welcoming to the clients. The clients or customers will not hesitate to walk in. It creates trust and the impression of effectiveness and efficiency from the client. A clean work area allows the employees to be more productive and happy from what they are doing. 

Getting a Sanitary Permit

A sanitary permit is secure by the local health authority for a business to operate. It is a certificate that confirms that the facility or establishment has been inspect and meets the requirements needed. There are two type of business, food and non-food establishments, both of them are required to secure a sanitary permit.

Sanitary Permit Requirements

Requirements for sanitary permits vary depending on the city and the nature of the business. However, the basic requirements are the following:

  • A receipt of payment- the sanitary fee
  • Application form
  • Transaction Number
  • Name of the owner and the establishment
  • Inspection report include the following: A master list of employees of the establishments with their respective position, pest control contract, and microbiological analysis of water.
  • Authentic Health Certificate of employees including the x-ray and drug test to ensure that they are suitable to work.
  • Occupancy permit
  • Photocopy of previous sanitary permit (this is only for renewal)
  • Schematic floor plan

Here are the other requirements depending on the nature of the business:

Water Refilling Station and Water Depot

  • Business Tax Receipt
  • Health Card of employees
  • Water Examination result
  • Checklist issued by the sanitary inspector together with site clearance and potability
  • Operational Permit from Department of Health


  • Business Tax Permit
  • Certification (Morgue and Pharmacy)
  • Checklist (for Canteen and dietary)

      Food Kiosk

  • Business Tax Receipt
  • Health card of employees
  • Copy of water analysis result

Procedures in Acquiring a Sanitary Permit

  1. The first time applicant will fill up an application form and submit to the Sanitation Division Office
  2. The payment for the sanitary permit. It varies depending in the city or province.
  3. Submit all the laboratory documents
  4. The sanitary inspector will record and review the applicant’s documents
  5. Schedule for Inspection.
  6. For anyone who complies with the requirements will be receiving the sanitary permit.


  • All establishments are re-inspect quarterly by the sanitary inspector.
  • If there any complaints and violations, the Division will subject 3 notices of violation to comply with.
  • If the Division does not get any retort from the owner, the organization or establishment will be issue for a Temporary Closure Order.
  • The sanitary permit may be revoke, if the owner does not respond from the notices.



Benefits of a clean business area

  • A Healthier workplace. There is a reduced spread of disease within the workplace.


  • Increased Productivity within the employees. It shows that the organization values the customer and employees’ safety and health thus giving a more welcoming atmosphere and excellent marketing. The employees will be happier and productive.


  • Improve the quality of air. Clean air can keep the dust away from the furniture, surface, and respiratory of the employees and customers.


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