How to Start a Petron Franchise in the Philippines

With Petron, you can have a stable footing on your journey in the energy industry in the Philippines.

Petron’s reputable brand makes the company a great option as a business investment that can give you great support, marketing, and building an exemplary station. If you’re interested to know more check out the following, to find out if you too can become a part of the growing Petron Dealer nationwide.

About Petron Franchise

Petron can have its roots traced back to 1933 when two companies merged to form Stanvac. However, it was only in 1988 when the company was renamed to its current tradename of Petron Corporation.

Today Petron also works hand in hand with the national government to power the Philippines and its energy needs.

2 Ways to Own a Petron Station

  • Company-Owned Service Stations (COSS)

Company-owned stations are usually fully equipped with all the necessary facilities and equipment to operate the station.

  • Dealer Owned Service Stations (DOSS)

DOSS stations are finance and equipped by the dealer. Petron will provide the underground tanks, equipment, and dispensing pumps

How to Become a Petron Dealer?

There are two known process dealers need to undergo to become an official Petron Dealer, which are as follows:

Petron Franchise Steps of Application Process

  1. Gather all of the required documents and submit them to the office of Petron. This is considering that you already own or lease a lot appropriate to the area requirement of Petron. The following are the documents needed but not limited to:
  • Letter of Intent (include complete name, home/office address, contact information, and address of proposed lot)
  • Lot Plan
  • Vicinity Map
  • Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)
  1. Upon the approval of the application, the applicant will be endorsed to be enrolled in a four-week Petron Dealer Management Course (DMC)
  2. The Petron dealer may now proceed with the construction after the presentation and discussion of the station’s blueprint.
  3. Petron will also guide its dealer with the building as well as the permits required with the national and local government units.

Petron Franchisee Selection Process

  • Screening

The applicant’s background and the proposed site will all undergo an approval process. This also includes the application form submitted by the applicant.

  • Training

The applicant will undergo the necessary training process to be official accredited as an official Petron dealer.

  • Project Implementation

This process is made before the execution of all construction. This part also involves the breakdown of the estimated cost of investment for building the station.

Contact Information


Tel. No.: #PETRON (#738766)

  • Luzon Dealer Applicants

Address: Ground Floor, San Miguel Corp. Head Office Complex, 40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1150

  • Mindanao and Visayas Dealer Applicants:

Address: Petron Mandaue Terminal, Looc, Mandaue City Please be advised that we will only review applications with complete requirements. 

Advantages of Becoming a Petron Dealer

  • Petron is a reputable brand in the Philippines and across the Globe
  • The energy industry is a recession-proof business, as their products are always in demand regardless of the situation.
  • Receive continuous support from Petron.
  • Receive world-class training of operation of management from Petron.

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Petron Dealer

  • Be financially stable to support and maintain the station.
  • Large scale investment such as an energy station requires excellent management. Ideally, the dealer has previous professional experience on how to handle a business and its people.
  • Take careful consideration on choosing the proper location that can accommodate all the necessary equipment and facilities to operate a Petron station.



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