Nandos Franchise: Is it available in the Philippines?

Nandos, known for harnessing the flavor of the Peri peri chili pepper variant to create their famous menu, is open to franchising their well-known business brand. Find out if you have what it takes to franchise the world-renown recipes of the Nandos business. Discover how you, too, can share the delicious peri sauce to your community.

About Nandos Franchise

In 1987 the founders of Nandos discovered the delicious taste of Peri-Peri sauce in a Portuguese eatery. Later that delicious Peri-peri sauce became the eureka of the founders to established the Nandos business we know today.

Nandos Franchise Fees

Estimated Cost of Investment: R3,730,000-00 plus VAT

Application Fee: R25 000.00 (Vat Inclusive)

Franchise Fee: R230 000.00 (VAT exclusive)

To get the estimated cost of investment in your currency. You may visit an online currency converter as a point of reference.

How to Franchise Nandos

  1. Check Nando’s availability in your area.
  2. If available, apply to answer the online assessment form.
  3. Successful applicants will be contacted by Nandos on how to proceed with the next steps.


Upon formal confirmation of the franchisees’ eligibility to apply for the Nandos franchise. The applicant’s application approval is only valid for one (1) year. 

Nandos Franchise Opening Procedure

Restaurant Location and Set-Up

Nandos’ Restaurant Development team will be in charge of assisting the franchising in terms of evaluating, planning, and constructing the prospect location into a Nandos branch. 


The franchisee will undergo a series of training to receive a certification of approval that he/she is qualified to start a Nandos franchise. The training can last up to 3 months, and covers the following topics:

  • Restaurant management and administration
  • Personnel management and training
  • Customer care
  • Safety and security
  • Marketing
  • Restaurant Maintenances
  • Cleaning and Hygiene
  • Industrial Relations
  • Product preparation and presentation
  • Raw materials management
  • General business and financial management

Pre-Opening Requirements

Before opening, the franchisee must ensure that all pre-opening requirements must be fulfilled. All of which were set by Nandos and agreed and signed by both parties.

Some of those requirements include the budget for the initial working capital of the branch. You may refer to the following as a cost estimation:


Model   Drive-Thru Inline
Initial Stock R300 000 R215 000
Other Working Capital, deposrts and pre-opening expenses R200 000 R200 000
Working Capital R500 000 R415 000


Nandos Franchise Qualification

  • Formal qualification is not required but is an edge you can have when applying as a Nandos franchisee.
  • The franchisee should be computer literate
  • Have the capability to run their branch as their own while upholding the rules and regulations of the Nandos business.
  • Willing to undergo necessary training and seminars
  • Have the drive to provide excellent customer service
  • Capability to manage the restaurant and the staff to adhere to Nandos’ standard service.
  • The franchisee should be financially stable.
  • The franchisee must be able to fund at least 50% of the initial set-up costs of the franchise.

Where to Get Nandos Chicken?

As of writing, Nandos serves their signature menu across 23 different; However, franchising opportunities is only available at South Africa and Australia.

Right now we are only hoping that the delicious Nandos peri-peri will be available for franchising to the remaining 21 countries or any territories outside of the existing areas where Nandos haven’t reach yet. 

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Is it Smart to Franchise Nandos in the Philippines?

As mentioned earlier, Nandos is only available to 23 countries, with franchising opportunities open to 2 territories.

However, when the day comes when Nandos arrive in the Philippines it’s great to know if it’s a business you should invest in or not.

The quick answer is YES!

It’s a well-known brand, guaranteeing long ques just to get a taste of their world-famous menu.

But if being an owner-operator is not your style, then getting a franchise deal with Nandos is not the ideal choice for you.


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