How to Start a Minute Burger Franchise

History books tell us tales of burgers originating from Germany or America, but whatever it might be, the important thing is that we all agree the burgers are not just tasty but is mouthwatering.

Found on most school canteens, malls, restaurants, fast foods, and food carts is the delicious and easy to make burger that kept on attracting hungry customers wherever you put up your stall.

One of the brands which is making the Philippine market drool over its delicious burger aroma is the Minute Burger, you’ve heard of it and chances are you already tasted it, and if you’re one of those people who are sure that the Minute Burger flavor will be a hit around your block then here are the franchising details of Minute Burger for those interested to invest on their flavorful snacks.

About Minute Burger  Franchise

Minute Burger try to venture this hamburger business since almost everyone loves it and fast-food was booming. In 1982, their first store is opened and they go with the mobile concept of selling their products, it became an instant hit. Since then, Minute Burger continuously improving, innovating, and offering their mouthwatering juicy burgers here in the Philippines with a very affordable price.


  • Minute burger aims to bring and create a constructive and good customer experience


  • Minute Burger aims to be a Quick Service Food Chain of Choice for value-conscious consumers.
  • To create a memorable experience.
  • To achieve local and international expansion and growth.
  • To meet environmentally sustainable food products and services.

Minute Burger Franchise Package:

  • The Franchise package for one store is PHP 230,000.00
  • The Franchise package for two stores is PHP 360,000.00. The two stores are required to be open in the first two months and after six months, if the franchisee wish to have the third store made available.

Refundable Stock Bond: PHP 150,000.00

Non-Refundable Stock: PHP 250,000.00

Initial Working Capital: PHP 50,000.00 

Reservation and processing fee: PHP 30,000.00 

Minute Burger Products

  • Cheese Dog
  • Burger
  • Cheese Burger
  • Double Minute Burger
  • Chicken Time
  • Double Chicken Time
  • Chicken Time with Cheese
  • Chick N Dog
  • Hamburger

Minute Burger Franchise Package

  • Use of the brand name and trademark
  • Online and offline franchisor support
  • Full use of the system
  • Reservation and processing fee
  • License to operate one store
  • Refundable stock bond
  • Business Operations support
  • Management training
  • Site processing
  • Store equipment
  • Permits
  • Rental deposit
  • Initial stocks worth of PHP 48,000.00
  • Security deposit of PHP 50,000.00
  • Personnel Training

Requirement to attend the Franchise Presentation

  • 2 photo IDs
  • Valid ID

Application Requirements

  • Letter of Intent
  • Application Form
  • Proposed site
  • Last two months Bank statement
  • Income Tax Return

Minute Burger Franchise Procedures

  1. Attend MB101 and MB102 (Business orientation- includes the history of minute burger, the franchise system, the benefits you can get, and the franchise package)
  2. Submission of requirements that includes Letter of intent, accomplished application form, proposed site, last two months bank statement, and income tax return.
  3. Processing and analyzing of documents
  4. Franchisee interview
  5. Payment of fees

Contact Details

For more details about Minute Burger, you can contact them through the following below: 

Address: Franchising Department 4 Dama de Noche St. United Paranaque Subdivision 4, Paranaque City, Philippines 

Hotline no.: (02) 776-7740 


E-mail address:

Advantages of Franchising Minute Burger

  • There is an availability of offline and online support system
  • It has an efficient franchise system
  • Affordable, reasonable, and value products
  • It has an established brand name, trademark, secure and profitable franchise business
  • It has already 180 franchisees for almost 30 years

Disadvantages of Franchising Minute Burger

  • Multi-store franchising is required
  • Identifying and finding a good location may take a lot of time


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