How to Start a Mineski Infinity Franchise

DotA, League of Legends, and Counter Strike. No doubt you may have heard of these computer games and maybe even play them casually or competitively. Online games such as these are massively popular even way back before with massively multiplayer role-playing games (MMORPG) dominating the internet with titles such as Ragnarok Online.

Yes, there was a time where people would go to the nearest internet shop and pay 5 pesos per hour just to be able to play their favorite game with friends online. The popularity of this pasttime made it profitable for even the most budget conscious business-minded individual.

Just like how Filipinos are obsessed with basketball, it is no surprise that we are competitive even in video games where we compete with each other. Over time, however, the cost of renting in computer shops made it too difficult on whether or not you should just save your money.

Enter Mineski Infinity, who has provided a gaming hub for casual and competitive gamers, with an affordable price to play games all day and night. As of writing, they have branched all over the nation and even reached other countries in South East Asia, all in less than a decade of going into business.

Wouldn’t you want to be part of such lucrative business? If you are, keep on reading to know more about franchising Mineski Infinity!

Brief Background of the Mineski Infinity Franchise

Mineski Infinity was established by Ronald Robins, a De La Salle University student then. Just like any other gamer, he would play competitively and even reach tournaments to represent the Filipino gaming community. However, he could not practice as effectively as he wanted because of the poor internet infrastructure in the country as well as the not so good quality of computer hardware available at computer shops.

Thinking that all of the losses he experienced during competitions could be attributed to the environment where he practices, he set up Mineski Infinity for people who experience the same strugegle as he did.

In 200 sq m of space, he was able to include 110 seats, and this was just in his first location. Subsequent expansions would eventually lead to other countries, as Mineski grew successfully.

Core values that Mineski Infinity has:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Customer centric
  • Professionalism
  • Malasakit

Mineski Infinity Franchise Packages

Who are qualified for franchising Mineski Infinity?

  • Must be financially capable
  • Must obtain the necessary requirements for documentation
  • Must be able to buffer working capital of branch
  • Does not manage other businesses similar to that of Mineski Cyber Cafe Network
  • Must comply with all Standard Operating Procedures endorsed by Mineski Cyber Cafe Network
  • Must be willing to participate in promotions held by Mineski Cyber Cafe Network

Cost of investment: Php 3,600,000

Franchise term: 5 years

Franchise fee: Php 600,000


  • Marketing and advertising: 3%
  • License: Php 250
  • Royalty : 10%

Minimum required space for store: Approx. 95 sq m.

Who will assess the location? Either franchisee or franchisor

Included in the franchise package:

  • Interior Design by Mineski
  • Installation of multiple network hubs
  • Billing and PoS (Point of Sale) system
  • Mineski Link
  • EMS System
  • Head office training
  • On-site training
  • Initial support during opening and tournament holding
  • Construction and renovation (Limited to Mineski Store Design Standards only.)(Building codes are excluded)
  • Multiple 40 to 50 inch LED TV for epicenter viewing
  • The best monitors available with cost effective hardware

Support inclusive in the package:

  • Guidance in starting up and pre-opening
  • Design and construction
  • Location evaluation
  • Training for general operations
  • Opening day assistance
  • Marking and advertising promotion assistance
  • After sales service (customer service
  • Operations manual

Terms of payment:

10% will be toward reservation and documentation of the business. Another 10% for the pre-deployment and delivery of computer hardware. The remaining 80% will be for the sketching of the location, its construction, and eventual renovation. 

Steps to Franchise Mineski Infinity

The following steps are necessary to opening your own Mineski Infinity franchise:

  • Submit a letter of intent to their email (provided below)
  • Business plan (market study) and evaluation of the location
  • You will be meeting Mineski representatives face to face for planning
  • Construction of the store
  • Turning over the management in your hands
  • Grand opening

Mineski Infinity Franchise Contact Information

Email: |

Facebook: @MineskiInfinityOfficial

Telephone number: 442 22 26

The Good in Franchising Mineski Infinity

  • The investment cost outlay is low as they have their own supplier already
  • Consistent quality management guaranteed by Mineski
  • Helping hand when starting up at first
  • Franchise package includes location assistance
  • Franchise package includes promotional marketing and advertising
  • Reliable business model
  • Exclusive Mineski territory for location
  • In terms of price and quality, Mineski provides the best equipment
  • Management is up to date with technology
  • The business model is a combination store that provides various products to customers

The Bad in Franchising Mineski Infinity

  • Mineski Infinity has royalty fees every month that takes up a percentage of your sales
  • Investment is in the millions of pesos, which might not be friendly for budget investors
  • There is a monthly fee of 3% for the marketing and advertising of the store

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