How to Franchise a Lil’ Orbits Food Cart

Donuts were and are still a popular snack in the present. However, there is a high possibility that you only tasted yeast donuts. These types of donuts are offered in brands like Dunkin’ Donut, J.Co, and Krispy Kreme.

On a side note, have you ever heard of cake donuts? These are different in a sense that they have sweetened dough. A popular brand that offers this is Lil’ Orbits.

In this article, we are going to talk about Lil’ Orbits and the opportunities they provide for people who want to franchise their brand.

About Lil’ Orbits Food Cart

Lil’ Orbits was founded by Ed Anderson in 1974. Anderson did not directly made donuts; rather, he was more interested in the donut-making machine. Making their very own donuts is only an after-effect.

Their business started as a small-time indoor donut shop in the United States. Though it was their first time, a lot of consumers already became a fan of their products. This pushed them to start a chain manufacturing business which in turn, became the reason of their business’ peak, and caused them to expand to approximately 110 countries.

The first Lil’ Orbits store was brought to the Philippines by one of their official distributors, Ana Gene Enterprises.

Their donuts retails for PHP 40 for a dozen pieces. They also offer numerous flavors like Cinnamon, Chocolate, Mocha, and many more.

How to Start Lil Orbits Franchise Business?

Lil Orbits does not offer a franchise, instead the company offers interested individuals a start-up and support system to start their own Lil Orbits outlet.

Investors are guaranteed that there are NO royalty, marketing and sign up fees, which meant lower cost of investment and all revenue can go straight to your pocket.

The main investment to start your Lil Orbits operation is their donut machine, then the professional business advisors of the company can guide from there on how you set-up and operate your business, as well as how to maneuver your way into the exclusive Lil Orbit donut machine.

Lil’ Orbits Contact Details

Phone Number: (045) 888-3605

800) 228-8305

(763) 559-7505

(763) 559-7545|Fax



Main Office Address: 1338 Dela Salle Ave., L & S Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines|
Ana Gene Enterprise

Advantages of Franchising Lil Orbits

  • Donuts is a familiar and well-loved product in the Philippine market
  • Become your own boss, without the strict ties usually present on other franchises.
  • Receive the support of a well-established business
  • Operate and manage your business using a tried and tested system of the Lil Orbits franchise
  • No Royalty and marketing fees
  • Lifetime warranty on Lil Orbits donut machine
  • The needed capital investment to start is within a reasonable price.

Things to Consider Before Franchising

  • Franchising does not guarantee success
  • It’s best to do an ocular inspection if you have a nearby Lil Orbits outlet near you to check how the franchise operate.
  • Read and understand the content of the franchise agreement.
  • Be financially sound to support your franchise.
  • Have the capacity to follow the Lil Orbits procedure, service, and product standard.


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