How to Start a Jamba Juice Franchise: Details and Info

With the recent rise of health-risk factors due to unhealthy lifestyle, people are becoming more conscious of what they intake. Preservatives and other added artificial flavors are currently being avoided as much as possible by the people due to studies showing negative effects on the body with continuous consumption.

Which makes the business concept of Jamba Juice appropriate to establish to an area of people who conscious of their well-being, or in general teach the local community on how to lead a better lifestyle.

About Jamba Juice

The Jamba Juice business concept started way back in 1990 at California, USA, with an aim to improve the quality of life in the community through providing natural, healthy food which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, while at the same time ensuring that the products are free from trans fat and artificial preservatives.

As the business hit the shores of the Philippines in 2011, Max’s Group, Inc. became the medium of handling the franchising opportunities of Jamba Juice in the country.

Jamba Juice Business Models

Traditional Model

The traditional model is defined as a new prototype store, equipped with cutting-edge technology, with an in an interior designed with a modern approach.

Drive-Thru Model

A 1,200-1,500 square foot end-cap store which is ideal for places with a large amount of customers leading a fast-paced lifestyle and are always on-the-go.

Non-Traditional Models

Previous owners of the two other Jamba Juice business models may possess a non-traditional model which is suitable for areas like airports, stadiums, convention, and other venues.

Non-Traditional Models (Applicable for previous owners only)

Becoming a JambaJuice Franchise Owner

Requirements as a Jamba Juice Entreprenuer

Apart from financial requirements there are key factors that Jamba Juice looks for to their franchisee to embody the vision and mission of their company and also to thrive on their business venture.

  • Desire to Grow-A person with a strong business background, who is a ‘people person’ and have a desire to scale into multiple stores.
  • Driven to be the best- Becoming a part of the Jamba Juice franchise meant to share the vision of the company of providing an industry-leading product.
  • Community Oriented- Jamba Juice is looking for individuals who love the idea of helping their local communities of living a healthier lifestyle, and at the same time have the drive to give back to their community.
  • Health Passionate-Jamba Juice is looking for people who are aware of what is happening within the healthier food segment and are excited to share it to others to provide a healthier and higher quality of life to people.

Jamba Juice Franchisee Financial Requirements

Franchise Fee Liquid Capital Net Worth Credit Score
$35,000 $125,000 $350,000+ 700 and above

For reference the USD to PHP conversion rate is $1= ₱ 52.537564

Rates for Jamba Juice Franchise Philippines might be different for their international franchise. For more accurate and updated data, visit and contact the Max’s Group, Inc. official website.

5 Steps to Franchise Jamba Juice with MGI

Max’s Group, Inc is the current mediator of local franchising oppurtunities for the Jamba Juice business, and the following are the 5 steps to establish an investor relationship with them.

  1. Letter of Intent- (The link contains the letter of intent to be filled out and submitted)
  2. Application Form-Received after the submission and evaluation of letter of intent.
  3. Interview-Franchisee receives an invitation for interview with MGI to review and evaluate the application and franchisee’s qualification
  4. Approval-Once the franchisee passed the interview, MGI will give their approval both for franchise and site.
  5. Awarding-Once approved, franchisee will receive the franchise notice award.

Contact Details


Address: 11th Floor EcoPlaza Building

2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension

Makati City 1231 Metro Manila


Website: or 

Phone: +63 (2) 784 9000


Why Own a Jamba Juice Franchise?

  • An Iconic Brand
  • A Simple Business
  • The Support Team
  • The Pride in Product
  • Share the Wealth

Disadvantages of Jamba Juice Franchise

The total amount of capital required to establish a Jamba Juice franchise can be quite expensive for most investors who are only starting their business ventures.

It’s also important to know if you possess the redeeming qualities required to successfully operate and handle a Jamba Juice outlet, embodying the entrepreneurial skills and people-person personality to reflect the aim of Jamba Juice.

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