How to Start a SEAOIL Franchise

Other than electricity, fuel is one of the leading product that powers our communities. With the demand for fuel steadily growing investments in this industry for your next business venture is an ideal action to take.

New and old fuel companies are present today in the Philippines, but SEAOIL reigns as the largest homegrown fuel company in the Philippines.

A Filipino company for helping Filipinos. Read the information below to find out how to become a part of the growing SEAOIL chain of franchises.


SEAOIL Philipines Inc. is a homegrown successful energy business which started in 1997 with one station only. Today SEAOIL has more than 350 outlets across the Philippines.

In a market dominated by international fuel companies, SEAOIL takes pride in its title as the leading and largest homegrown independent fuel company in the Philippines.

Today, SEAOIL is also a proud contributor to the industry on empowering Filipinos by providing franchising opportunities for people who are interested to enter the energy industry.

SEAOIL embodies its promise of “fueling a Better future” By supporting the use of Biofuel as a great way to reuse fuel, therefore reducing our carbon footprint for the sake of the future generation. 

3 Ways to Become a SEAOIL Franchisee

  1. Build your new SEAOIL station
  2. Convert an existing site into a SEAOIL station
  3. Operate an existing SEAOIL station

SEAOIL Franchise Details

Franchise Fee: PHP 392,000

Estimated Investment Capital: PHP 3m

Franchise Terms: 5 years

Lot Size: Minimum of 375 sqm with a minimum 25 meters of frontage

SEAOIL Products 

  • Fuel
  • Lubricants
  • Cards

How to Franchise SEAOIL in the Philippines

  1. Determine what kind of franchise partnership would you like to establish with SEAOIL (refer to the three (3) types of SEAOIL franchise from earlier)
  2. It’s best to determine your prospect location for a smoother application process.
  3. Visit SEAOIL’s official website and fill out their contact form.
  4. Upon submission, a franchising representative will be in contact with you to discuss further details of the franchise and the next steps of application.

Contact Details



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Is it Worth it? Investing in Energy Companies like SEAOIL

The Philippines is moving towards improvement and expansion through industrialization, and this movement calls for the need for energy companies to keep everything moving.

If you’re looking to venture into the energy business while supporting a home-grown company, then SEAOIL is a franchise that should be at the top of your list.

Aspiring SEAOIL dealers also receive the benefit of multiple options to choose from on how they can own a SEAOIL station.

On top of these, while SEAOIL has a shorter franchise term that its competitors, it’s estimated cost of investment is lower, an ideal option for those who are looking to invest in an energy company for a lower cost.

Energy Companies like SEAOIL is worth it an investment that will continuously be in demand years from now. If budget is not your problem then having a gas station is a business opportunity you don’t want to miss out.

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