How To Own A Siomai King Food Cart Franchise

Siomai Franchise Business in the Philippines

Entrepreneurs and franchisees always look at the earning potential of the business they are entering into. In fact for many Filipinos, they go for low capitalization businesses. One of these is the food cart business. In putting up this kind of business there are two options that you must consider. One is you need to create your own and the other is to get a franchise at a very low cost.

For busy people who are always catching up with time and whose vocabulary does not include the word ‘slow’, waiting for ordered food for lunch is totally a waste of time. Thus, they are always on the look for ways in order to make their dining fast. On the business side of things, conceptualizing the idea of food carts could be the best alternative.

One of the sought-after food cart menu these days is siomai. It is a Chinese food composed of a steamed ball of pork or beef covered with a filo style pastry. The most popular business franchise offering siomai in a food cart is Siomai King. So for those who are yearning to have a good business opportunity to try franchising Siomai King is one great business idea to look into.

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Company Background

It was in the year 2006 when two young entrepreneurs named Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang Jr. established Siomai King. This is owned by their company, the JC Franchising, Inc. JC Franchising owns many franchise products but Siomai King stands above them all. Before conceptualizing the Siomai King idea it was first referred to as “Hari ng Siomai”.

What distinguishes the company from those who also offer the same cuisine, Siomai King does not use meat extenders. The company offers four types of quick and flavorful siomai: Hongkong Siomai, Japanese Siomai, Shanghai Siomai and Chicken Siomai and is accredited for National Meat Inspection Service and Good Manufacturing Practice. Aside from those mouth-watering offers, Siomai King also serves Black Gulaman as beverage.

Franchise Details

In getting a Siomai King Food Cart franchise, there is only a single package to choose if you are keen into getting a business with JC Franchising. This package includes a comprehensive detail to start your own food cart business. The inclusion is as follows:

Amounting to ₱168,000.00, this package covers a refundable cash bond amounting to ₱40,000.00
You will have the right to use the trade name and the company logo

As part of the company’s encouragement to every business partner, they will be allowing you to use their business system and is even giving you a lighted company signage

  • The cooking equipment will include an electric stove and a stainless round steamer
  • Aside from the cooking supplies, you can receive you stainless cart, a cabinet, juice dispenser with a complete operating utensils.
  • There is an option of using breaker, rangehood and submeter after undergoing an intensive personnel training assistance.
  • An amount of ₱1,000.00 will be part of the dole out and promotion strategy where there will be a free food tasting product.
  • To be considered as a qualified Siomai King Franchisee, he must have a monthly net income of not less than ₱50,000

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Ocular inspection will take place to make sure that the place of business will be in accordance to what the company requires. Before paying for the ocular inspection and subject for the company’s approval, interested party must submit at least 3 business locations to the company’s designated personnel. The fees are as follows:

For those whose business areas are located at the National Capital Region (NCR), the inspection fee is ₱1,700.00

For those outside the NCR, which is also subject for quotation, the fee ranges from ₱12,000.00 to ₱15,000.00 (Visayas and Mindanao area)

There are also other fees that are covered by the term which include the processing fee of ₱4,800.00. The food cart shipping fee will depend on the business location of the franchisee:

If the business is within the Metro Manila area, the fee amounts to ₱500 with free installation
If it is outside the Manila area particularly in the Visayas and Mindanao this is subject for quotation, and franchisee and his forwarding company must be in agreement on how much fee must be paid.

Upon approval of the location, there will be just some minor requirements to finalize the business terms. The franchisee should have accomplished the following permits:

  • He must be cleared of any records in community where he belongs to secure his Barangay Clearance
  • He must then secure his Business Permit and must proceed to the Department of /trade and Industry to get his DTI Permit as well
  • His BIR Permit is important because this will determine that he is a bona fide taxpayer.
  • Lastly, he has to go to the Municipal Hall and get his Mayor’s Permit.

Benefits of Owning Siomai King Food Cart Franchise

The franchise package is very affordable

  • Siomai King offers quality products
  • In operating a Siomai King Food Cart Franchise, the franchisee needs only a small area for its business location
  • Siomai King business opportunity is using a proven system and proven conceptual business model
  • This type of business can counter the traditional expensive restaurant
  • Service is rather quicker; the customer can pinpoint his order and your order is in his hands in a minute
  • Siomai King does not have any Royalty Fee or Renewal Fee under their term but the Processing Fee must be paid annually

Disadvantages Cannot be Discounted

  • In operating a Siomai King food Cart Franchise, one of the disadvantages is the variety of food being offered is limited
  • Operation expense is not included in the franchise package
  • Since franchise cost is low, there is a rise in the operation of food carts in the country

Contact Information

For those who are interested in franchising Siomai King, you can select from the following contact information below:

Address: 1196 Batangas St., San Isidro, Makati City, Philippines



Tel. Nos.: (02)889-4773, (02)889-4774, (02)889-4775, (02)889-4776

Mobile Nos.: 0917-852-3726 or 0917-8JC-FRAN

You can also contact their alternative contact info.


Tel. Nos.: (02)211-2340 or (02)919-3539

Mobile Nos.: Globe: 0905-451-9600 and 0917-837-3783

Smart: 0939-938-3783

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