Step by Step Guide on How to Get a Mayor’s Permit

So now you are ready to step up and be your own boss.  Gone are the days that you are waiting for your payday every 15th or 30th of the month.  The feeling of starting your own business gives you excitement and it seems like you are on top of your game and no one is going to stop you.  But before you can start with your operations, you need to secure the necessary paper works and legalities of your business venture.  First step is to secure your business name at the DTI and the next step is to get your business permit from the Mayor’s office or the Mayor’s permit before you operate.

What are the needed requirements before you apply for your Mayor’s permit?

Before you go directly to the Mayor’s office of your municipality or city, you need to check first the availability of your prerequisites in order for you to save your valuable time from going to and from and getting the documents one by one before getting what you really need which is the Mayor’s permit.  The acquisition of these paper works may take some time but preparation is the key to have efficiency and for you to reach your target date of operation.  The following documents are needed for your Mayor’s permit application:

  • DTI certificate or business name for the single proprietorship and SEC certificate for the corporations or articles of partnership for the business with a partnership nature.
  • Barangay clearance; SSS certificate; CEDULA
  • Public liability insurance which is applicable for the malls, cinemas and restaurants
  • Lease contract or tax declaration
  • Authorization letter of the owner with proper identification for those who are processing on the behalf of the owner.

Check out the step by step guide below for your reference:

  1. Look for the BPLO or the Business Permit and Licensing Office in your City or Municipality. You will get the application form from this office that you need to fill out and submit.
  2. After filling out the form from the BPLO, you need to head to the City Engineering office to get your building assessment. You will be asked to provide a sketch of your location along with the building area of your establishment in square meters.
  3. Next step is to head to the Electrical department to have a certificate of electrical inspection. Your establishment will be checked for the compliance of your electrical wirings to prevent electrical hazards in the future.  If there are no problems noted, you will be given a certificate.  Payment is needed for this certificate and it will be paid to the city/ municipal treasurer of your area.
  4. Health and Sanitary permit is required to be obtained from the Health and Sanitary Office. Some cities even require drug tests and x-rays of your employees and they are also required to attend some seminars before you can get the health and sanitary permit.
  5. Zoning clearance is obtained from the Municipal or City Planning and Development Coordinator. Your establishment should conform to the city or municipal ordinance before you can get the clearance from this issuing body.
  6. A fire permit is acquired from the Bureau of Fire Protection. Your establishment will be checked first before you would be given this permit.  A fire extinguisher is also required and the number of required extinguisher depends on the area of your establishment.  Your application will not be accepted without the zoning clearance.
  7. You can now go back to the BPLO to inform that you have completed the process. You will be required to pay the necessary fees before you can get your business permit or the Mayor’s permit.  Your Business plate will be released after one to three working days.

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