How to Franchise: F-Salon and Body Spa

One of the favorite ways to distress is to get a full-body care service to give ourselves away to take a break. Some go for a body spa, facials, or get their nails done, but whichever it maybe there’s one Salon in the Philippines which offers them all, the F Salon and Body Spa.

The F Salon and Body Spa are one of the thriving salon and spa franchise in the Philippines, offering an affordable franchise package while still receiving the perks of training, assistance and more, that you can get to other more expensive salon and spa franchises.

That’s why if you’re interested in establishing your own salon and spa branch, then check out the F Salon and Body Spa and learn how you can start your salon business.

About F Salon and Body Spa Franchise

The F Salon and Body Spa offer a one-stop-shop salon set-up where customers can enjoy being pampered from head to foot, by one of the best providers of salon and body spa service in the Philippines.

With over 20 years of experience in the salon and spa industry, the F Salon and Body Spa company had bagged some awards for the company’s success in thriving in the industry and providing professional services to its customers.

Today F Salon and Body Spa offer Filipinos, an affordable business package where they can achieve the all-in-one beauty shop for an ‘abot-kaya’ cost. 

F Salon and Body Spa Franchise Details

Franchise Package Fee: 375,000

Royalty Fee: 10,000

Franchise Term: 10 years

Preferred Franchise Location: High foot traffic area, along national road, and commercial areas

Floor Area: Minimum of 50 square meters.

Package Inclusion:

  • Training for
  1. Professional Salon Skills
  2. Nail Works
  3. Facial care
  4. Body spa
  • Salon management and skills for owners
  • Store lay-out and perspective design
  • Location assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • Recruitment and skills testing
  • Pre-opening and opening assistance

The 4 Business Franchise in 1

Get your all-in-one salon with F Salon and Beaty Spa’s 4 in 1 business model which provides 4 different type of salon services

  • Hair Salon
  • Nail Salon
  • Facial Care
  • Body Spa

How to Become an F Salon and Body Spa Franchisee

Send a letter of intent to F Salon and Body Spa’s official contact details or send a personal message through their official Facebook page, to be guided on how to apply as a franchisee. Then wait for a response from the company for further details and guidelines on how to proceed with the application process.

Contact Details


Contact No.: 09157628822

Website: (Under maintenance/construction)

Advantages of F Salon and Body Spa Franchise

  • Receive extensive training to deliver quality, professional services.
  • Offer multiple beauty services for the price of one.
  • Affordable investment package compared to other competitors.
  • Franchising enables the entrepreneur less hassle of building a store from the ground up.

Things to Consider Before Franchising F Salon and Body Spa

  • With salon and spa relies on skill-based services, It is best to have some background knowledge regarding the services provided inside a salon and spa to have a better idea on the do’s and don’ts when giving a particular service
  • Salon and Spa are almost everywhere; it is best to look for a high foot traffic location with fewer competitors nearby.
  • Have the capacity to build and maintain trust and a great relationship with customers as you and your staff are working with them very closely.


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