Steps to Follow on How to Apply for your Digitized Tax Identification Number ID


As we know, the TIN number is very important and not everyone has the chance of getting a TIN ID.  Before, we have this piece of yellow cardboard that is used to print the TIN ID or the Tax identification number ID but now since the time has evolved and changed into a more high tech and convenient one.  The government has offered a digitized tax identification number ID that is far better than the old one.

Before you get started, you need to have the following as major requirements before you get to apply for your digitized TIN ID:

  • Valid government issued ID like SSS, PRC, voter’s ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.
  • Philippine Statistics Authority issued Birth Certificate

Steps on how to secure your digitized TIN ID over the counter:

  1. Proceed to the BIR office in your place of work. Example if you are working at Makati, you need to go to the BIR office located at Makati.
  2. Secure a BIR form 1904 if you are earning under the EO 98.
  3. After filling out the form, you need to submit this with a valid government issued ID at the counter.
  4. You will be given your TIN ID and you can request to have it digitized under EO 98. The digitized ID is usually finished within the day but if there is high volume of applicants at the time of your filing then you may be asked to come back a day after to get your digitized TIN ID.

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