How to Apply for a Police Clearance in the Philippines?

Maybe you are wondering why you need to prove that you are a person with good moral character and sound mind when you are applying for a job or even for a business permit.  This is because one of the requirements is either a barangay clearance, a police clearance or an NBI clearance.  If you have lived a mischievous life and has a record of it then sad to say, you might not be lucky in landing that dream job of yours!  Then again for those who are law abiding citizens, who are searching for ways on how to get a police clearance then you should check out our prepared steps below on how to obtain a police clearance the easy way.

Police clearance is a proof that you do not have any derogatory records from the Philippine National Police.  Most employers and business enterprise do require a police clearance as one of their basic requirements of identification and character check.

Step by step procedure on how to get your police clearance:

  1. Prepare your documents. Before you go the police clearance issuing office, you need to check the needed documents that you ought to present.  You would be needing proof of your identity such as your Philippine Statistics Authority marked birth certificate, government issued IDs, passport cedula, barangay clearance and of course the application form.
  2. You need to fill out the application form legibly and wait in que for the payment of the police clearance fee. The current police clearance fee is around Php 100.  Upon payment, you would be given a receipt as proof and you need to present this to the center of police clearance.
  3. The next step would be the fingerprinting process. Your fingerprints would be checked electronically using the biometrics machine.  This step would be done after presenting your first payment of Php 100 to the officer in charge.
  4. Another payment would be made, you need to pay the security fee which is worth Php 150.
  5. After payment of the security fee, you would be directed to the encoding area. A personnel would take down your details from your application form.
  6. Your photo would be taken afterwards, if you are wearing glasses, they would be requested to be removed. By the way there’s a dress code before you would be allowed to get in, you need not to be wearing shorts, slippers, sleeveless top and worn out clothes.  You should be in an appropriate attire.  It does not mean that you need to wear your tuxedos and gown when you apply for a police clearance.  Smart casual wear would do.
  7. After your photo has been taken, the next step would be the signage of your form. You would be signing digitally using the platform provided.
  8. Your thumbprints would be needed after the photoshoot. A thumb sized scanner would be used for this.
  9. And after you are done with the steps above, all you have to do is to what for your name to be called. The releasing of the police clearance is done within the day and is usually hassle free as compared to the NBI clearance.  Waiting for your name to be called depends on the number of applicants on that police clearance center but most probably it would only take less than twenty minutes of waiting time.

The police clearance validity lasts up to six months.  Good luck on your job hunting or business venture afterwards!

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