Great Animation Companies to Work for in the Philippines

Filipinos had been working behind many great animated creation publish across the world, from American to Japanese animated movies and series, Filipinos had without a doubt left a foot print of their skills and talent in the industry.

The Filipino’s pursue of the arts and digital media led to the creation of many animation studios, firms and companies the country with the mission of showcasing the talent of Filipino artist in all forms of Animation.

Animation Outsourced

Animation Outsourced is a company which promotes itself more towards clients outside of the Philippines; However, the team behind Animation Outsourced is definitely– if not all, the majority of them are Filipino animators; due to the prevalent promotion of Animation Outsourced of Filipino’s great contribution in the animation industry and competitive rates available in the country.

Snipple Animation

A UK based company with its 3D and 2D animation studio located in the Philippines and mainly manned by Filipino animators. Snipple Animation is a studio production which gives importance to the three components which drives their company forward-which are the People behind their works, the Process of planning, executing and finishing the output, and the technology and infrastructure which aids the people on effectively and efficiently succeeding on the tasks at hand.

Asi Studios

ASI Studios is a full service animation studio based in Manila. The studio was born of a collaboration between the Manila based Synergy88 group and Singapore’s August Media Holdings.

The 130 highly trained artists and technicians specializes on long format 2D animation. Who all utilizes industry standard applications like Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Flash to achieve and exceed the output expected by the clients.

9Lives Animation

9 Lives Animation Studios is a full-service Animation and Graphic Design Company, capable of providing high-quality 2D Digital Animation, Comics & Manga, Game Assets Animation, Flash, 3D / CG Animation, Illustrations, Concept Designs & more!

The company specializes in Japanese Animation Production pipeline & technology which makes us the only company that produces quality “anime” production shows for outsourcing in the country.

Top Draw Animation

Top Draw Animation is a Filipino animation company which expertise lies in 2D animation, and has a long history dating back to 1999.

Ever since its foundation, Top Draw steadily grow its company in all aspects, and now it is reported to be producing 250 hours worth of 2D animated output in a yearly basis.

The CMD studios

Had a plethora of experience in working with AAA companies and corporations across the globe. The CMD studios offer services which are categorized into three fields namely Digital Illustration, Animation/Spine, and Game Concept.

Equip with a team who have a passion for creation the CMD studios can produce outputs ranging from digital illustration, to game concept development, to animation, let us help with your every visual need

Sinag Animation Studios

Sinag is a word which means ray or light in Tagalog, and the people behind the Sinag Animation Studios name their team after this symbolic word in hopes that their industry will soon reach maximum potential in producing world class animation, embraced locally and internationally.

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