Tips to Generate More Income Through Facebook

Facebook spearheaded the boom of social media, and with the addition of the Facebook marketplace — Facebook became a popular platform to sell products online. However, non-tech savvy people are confused about how can they utilized the internet to also sell their products and services through Facebook.

If you’re one of those people who are confused about how you can score more sales on your Facebook online store, then the following are some tips that you can apply to get more people to buy your products and services.

Create a Community on Facebook

Facebook is also a community, albeit online, it’s significance on building your business is crucial. People are more inclined to support your business when they feel a sense of personal connection to your business values and your goals towards your products.

Sharing or creating videos, blogs, and news that speaks to your branding are some of the most effective ways to showcase to people that your business and their interest align.

Learn How to Use Facebook Ad

If you use Facebook as an Online Selling Platform without knowing Facebook Ad, then go on with it. Facebook Ad is the most effective way to specifically market yourself to your target customers.

Of course, it’s not free; however, this business investment can help you generate more following sales, by being able to advertise users beyond your Facebook followers and friends.

Set-Up an Automated Chat Response

Remember that one time where you left a restaurant because it was taking them such a long time to have an available table for you?

The same scenario can be applied when answering Facebook messages of customers. Customers tend to leave or lose interest in buying when they waited too long.

Therefore, setting up an automated chat response system can help you give customers prompt answers to some of your FAQs.

Post Proof of Orders

Scams are rampant online, and buyers are aware of it. If your online business is only new, it is best to show proof of purchase to your community to show your store’s legitimacy.

Additionally, conversations with customers can act as proof of orders and reviews too, where some may send their love or dislike towards the product upon receiving and testing it. (Make sure to request for permission from the customer if you can publicly post your conversation and state the reason to respect their privacy)

Offer Limited Offer Products

You or your friends might have been talking about it, especially since the start of the pandemic — the numerous impulse buys each of you had.

Your customers too, with the right marketing, can have that innate feeling of jumping into buying your products too.

A quick and effective method is offering limited offer deals. The sense of missing out a great deal can trigger people on checking out their items from your shop.

Give Discounts and Giveaways

Some might are reluctant to give discounts and giveaways as they see it as waste products that can be sold for its full price.

Remember, anything done right creates a positive impact, and the same goes for discounts and giveaways.

Utilizing these two can be a great marketing tool for your business without spending too much. Some examples are, putting mechanics such as tagging their friends, and following your Facebook page, can quickly help you reach more people, broadening your customer reach, increasing your potential to sell more.

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