How to Start a Caltex Franchise

With the COVID-19 still at large and the pandemic not yet quelled, the decrease of people traveling may discourage people from investing in the energy industry with thoughts that their demand will steadily increase.

However as people are turning more towards private vehicles, and communities are starting to travel again, with the addition of the increase of the courier service industry which is also powered with fuel to move — the fuel industry is a big investment opportunity right now.

Ideally partnering with a trusted and reliable energy brand like Caltex can also help boost the success of your business. If you’re interested in how you can also be a part of the distributing bodies of the energy industry, then read further and know more about Caltex and how to become one of their growing retailers.

A Brief History of Caltex Franchise

Caltex, known as one of the largest energy companies in the Philippines started in 1879 at Chevron — the parent company of Caltex. With over 600 outlets nationwide and more stores found across six continents. Caltex provides their investors and customers world-class quality products and services which upholds the fame and trust people have to the Caltex branding.

Caltex Franchise Information

Lot Size/Layout: 1,000 sq.m minimum with 30 m of frontage minimum

Frontage: 10 years

Franchise Term: 10 years

Lot Lease Agreement: 10 years

Estimated Cost of Investment: 8-10 Million

Application Process:

  1. Submit your prospect location as an initial application with Caltex
  2. Wait for Caltex informing you for a mandatory home interview
  3. The applicant may now proceed with completing the on-the-job interview and evaluation
  4. Pass the financial background check
  5. Present proposal to the Retailer Selection Board
  6. Upon approval, the applicant may now sign the official documents
  7. Complete the 2-week new retailer training course
  8. The official start of becoming a Caltex retailer

Caltex Franchise Contact Information


Address: Chevron Philippines Inc., 6/F 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226


Contact No.: PLDT — (02) 88677710 | Globe — (02) 77937600

Inquiries can also be sent through filling out Caltex’s contact form on their official website

The Advantages of Franchising Caltex in the Philippines

  • Diesel is one of the most needed commodities in today’s society where transportation systems rely heavily on diesel to fuel most forms of vehicles.
  • Caltex has a reputable brand name in the fuel industry. Investing with the business a higher guarantee of success from their branding and success stories of their past franchisees/agent.
  • Receive continuous support from the Caltex business.
  • Caltex is open with providing their franchisee financial support depending on a case to case basis.

The Disadvantages of Franchising Caltex in the Philippines

  • The fees needed to become a Caltex franchisee does not include the construction fee. Construction fees are shouldered by the franchisee.
  • Franchising Caltex is not suitable for all budgets. The exceptional financial requirement may not fit people with lower budget capital.
  • Tricky locations. While almost everyone has some form of vehicle, not everywhere is a good place to establish a Caltex business. Certain location qualification needs to be met to have the location approved.


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