Top 5 Free Businesses You Can Start on Facebook

Facebook is known as the social media giant. It spearheaded the growth of social media and became the online platform with the largest pool of users.

That large amount of users also meant that you as a business person have greater reach to sell your products to a bigger set of customers.

With Facebook, you can connect to the world for free. However, what kind of business can you offer to these people?

If you’re planning to start from scratch or confuse as to what kind of business can you do on Facebook, the following can give you some ideas on what can you do on Facebook.

Tutorial and Teaching Services

Are you a master of your craft? Do you have a special talent or knowledge that you believe is of great value that other people can benefit from when they learn it?

If you answer yes to those questions then starting a Webinar is the right business venture for you.

With more free time due to the pandemic, many are looking to sharpen their skills and knowledge. Some people are looking for webinars that can act as their training program to transition with online jobs.

When doing business around this niche — it is best to establish what makes you a credible profession of your field to show to your audience that what they can learn from you are valuable experiences and skills you polished through countless experiences.

Food Related Products

The demand for food will never go, amidst the pandemic Filipinos favorite food continues to seek ways to reach their homes.

Food products are a recession-proof business to start, and one of the easiest business for most to have. Building a business with food and beverage as your products is a great idea.

Bear in mind that you should also carefully plan your delivery service and mode of payment to make it easier for customers to settle transactions and receive their orders.

Online Marketing Services

If you have background experience with marketing, then providing the same services through online means can be one of the most profitable businesses you can start on Facebook, for little to no cost.

As people are going online more, and businesses are utilizing the internet as a means of marketing and tool to sell their products — online marketing is a rapidly growing demand online.

Show off your skills by putting up your best portfolio, and striking conversations with your favorite business to kick start your online marketing service business on Facebook. 

Digital Graphics Services

People with great talent in art have many opportunities to start an online business. As people are diving to start their online business, many are in great need of a digital artist to help their business stand out and look more professional.

Make sure to research on the industry market price of digital artworks, and to establish a price list for your services to ensure that there will be no conflict between you and your customers.

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