Blue Chip Companies in the Philippines

Blue Chip companies are one of the options people take into consideration when they re planning to invest in stocks. As blue-chip companies are recognized as establishments with an established name and business, and can easily be seen to be still operating years from now, knowing that the company can withstand the test of time, assures the investors that their money won’t go down the hill due to the falling trend of the business concept, or instability due to its finances.

Read further to know more about the meaning of what a blue-chip company is and the establishments in the Philippines recognized as a blue-chip company.

What is a Blue Chip company?

If you’re familiar with poker, then you’ll recognize that the game requires chips to play the game. And in that game blue chips have the highest value amongst others. And that event is said to be the origin of labeling well-established, financially-stable, and nationally recognized companies.

While Blue Chip companies on its first introduction were described as companies with high price tags in the stock market, but later on its definition transcended into stocks with high chances of standing against the test of time, due to the company’s stability in the market.

SM Investments Corp.

SM is a name well-known among the Philippine market, and it is without the doubt the leading and largest chain of malls in the country. From a humble dream of selling a pair of shoes, SM Investment Corp. had transcended across the field of retail and expanded to property, banking, and equity investments.

Ayala Corporation

Ayala had been operating since 1834, and ever since then, the company had continuously provided the country and industries outside of the Philippines, un-parallel services which reflect their passion for bringing innovation and transformative development.

Bando De Oro

BDO is recorded to have 1,300 operating branches nationwide; the largest distribution of network present in the Philippines. As one of the leading choice of the bank among Filipinos, BDO also partnered with SM Group, which added to the bank company’s stability in the market.

Bank of the Philippine Island

Established in 1851, BPI-which was also first known as El Banco Español de Isabel II, is the first bank that that opened in the Philippine and across the Southeast Asian Region. With its long history of thriving in the field and the continuous improvement of services they provide, BPI is constantly recognized as one of the top-rated banks in the Philippines.

Jollibee Foods Corp

Philippine’s biggest local fast-food chain started as a parlor of Magnolia Ice Cream. Together with the cold, sweet treat, the owner of the small ice cream parlor also sell hot meals, which was later on further developed and is currently recognized as the classic Filipino fast-food comfort foods Pinoy’s come to love. As Jollibee’s menu selection is carefully crafted to suit the preference of the Filipino taste, it’s no wonder that despite the penetration of numerous foreign international fast-food chains, Jollibee is still recognized as one Philippine’s biggest fast-food chain.


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