Auntie Anne’s Franchise: Fees, Requirements and Details You Need to Know

You’ve probably seen it, and even better tasted it already, what am I talking about? Of course it’s the famous Auntie Anne’s pretzels!

Huge pretzels fanatics have most probably already tried the internationally famous pretzels, and you’ve there’s a huge chance that you also loved how it tasted and some might even started to think of bringing that taste to their local area and introduce the Auntie Anne’s pretzel flavors to their local community through establishing an Auntie Anne’s franchise.

If you’re one of these people who are interested for an Auntie Anne’s franchise then keep on reading to find out more.

About Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s started its journey in a humble farmers market in Pennsylvania, where the brand took root and spread their name which now counts to over 1,800+ locations on 48 states and 25 countries.

Today Auntie Anne’s continues to strive on expanding and striving to improve not just their product but also their support towards their franchisee to help each of them find the success in the pretzels that took the world like a storm.

Auntie Anne’s Franchise Details

Auntie Anne’s Franchise Fees

  • Royalty fee: 7%
  • Advertising and development fund fee: 1%

Auntie Anne’s Franchise Packages

Franchise Packages Minimum Square Feet Estimated Initial Investment


400 square feet $199,475-$385,100
Kiosk Store


200 square feet


Satellite Store


Varies by design (Supported by an existing in-line store, baking kiosk, or commissary)


Co-brand Kiosk


100 square feet with 350 square feet back-of-house space


Food Truck


Varies by design $129,800-$229,800*
Co-Brand Store


1,200 square feet N/A



Initial Franchise Fee $30,000
Real Estate* Variable
Leasehold Improvements, Furniture & Fixtures $90,000 $185,000
Equipment & Smallwares $35,000 $45,000
Business Permits and Licenses $175 $600
Initial Inventory $3,300 $4,000
Insurance $2,000 $10,000
Training Costs $1,000 $7,500
Grand Opening Advertising $1,000 $5,000
Signage $4,000 $12,000
Office Equipment and Supplies $13,000 $25,000
Professional Fees $5,000 $10,000
Additional Funds (3 months) $15,000 $51,000
Total $199,475 $385,100


Steps to Auntie Anne Franchise Application

  1. Send an inquiry form to Auntie Anne franchise team
  2. Fill out the application form for Auntie Anne franchise
  3. Upon approval of application applicant will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (formerly known as Uniform Franchise Offering Circular).
  4. Review and understand the Franchise Disclosure Document.
  5. After reciewing ghe Franchise Disclosure Document, kindlt inform Auntie Anne’s franchise team you wish to proceed further with the application
  6. Wait for Auntie Anne’s franchise team to contact you to discuss more about the franchise details.

Auntie Anne’s Franchise Availability

If you’ve stroll around the metro you most probably already saw some of Auntie Anne’s branches in the country

With the company currently having 22 listed available international territories for franchising opportunities, it is unfortunate that Philippines is not yet one of them.

While there are existing branches of Auntie Anne in the Philippines, the availability for franchise application in the Philippine is not yet available.

Contact Information


Franchise Request Info:

Pros and and Cons of Auntie Anne’s Franchise

Once Auntie Anne’s hit the shores of the Philippine market, the following are some of the pros and cons we can expect base on their current international franchise terms and packages.

Pros of Auntie Anne’s Franchise

  • Receive continuous support from the company
  • Operate under a reputable recognize brand worldwide.
  • Choose from a wide-array of franchise packages that suits your preferences and capital investment capacity.

Cons of Auntie Anne’s Franchise

  • It might be some time before Auntie Anne’s open any franchising opportunities in the Philippines
  • Franchise investment fees are not suitable for most capital budget of Filipinos.

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