How to Start 2Go Franchise in the Philippines

Recently the fastest growing market is the e-commerce business which helps people buy and search items with their mobile devices. Along with the rising demand for these online stores is the need for mediums to deliver parcels nationwide; Therefore, becoming a 2GO agent soon is one of the ideal business investment due to its growing demand of delivery services.

Becoming an agent enables you to send parcels both inside and outside of the country giving you an edge to this competitive industry. To learn how to become a 2GO agent, read further and see how much it cost to franchise this business and the process that entails getting approved.

2GO’s over a hundred year of history

2GO continuously thrive in its field by utilizing their 149 years of shipping and logistics experience. Through decades of pioneering countless achievements such as merging the heritage of Negros Navigation and ATS and more, 2GO has expanded through various branches namely; 2GO Travel, 2GO Freight, 2GO Express, and 2GO Logistics

Services 2GO offers

  • International shipping
  • International freight forwarding
  • Customs clearance
  • Domestic shipping: Freight and Travel
  • Warehousing
  • Land Transport
  • Express
  • Projects
  • XTrade

2GO Franchise Fee and Other Details

Cash bond (refundable): 50,000

Set up fee used for the benefits listed on package inclusion: 50,000

Things you’ll need to operate 2Go Franchise

  • counter staff
  • computer with minimum specifications
  • internet access (2mbps)
  • printer
  • communication equipment of at least one fixed telephone line
  • weighing scale
  • fire extinguisher
  • parking space

Package inclusion

  • Signage
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Training – maximum of three personnel in a year
  • Uniforms – max of three in a year
  • Supplies for shipments (pouches, boxes, etc.)
  • Soon to open and now open signages
  • Flyers
  • Marketing in billboards and other Advertising communications means of 2GO Express brand
  • *tricycle and jeepney banners *optional

2Go Franchise Application process

  1. Letter of intent

Send a letter of intent containing the following information:

  • Sketch of proposed location
  • Photos of proposed location
  • Description of the location’s target market (companies present around the area, population density, and others)
  • Filled-up agent’s application form

The letter of intent must be addressed to:

Randy Zafra

Retail Network Manager

2GO Express Inc.

2GO Hangar, General Aviation Area

Domestic Airport, Pasay City

Philippines 1300 

  1. Evaluation

The following information is the criteria used by the Retail Sales Team to evaluate your proposal as a 2GO Agent:

  • The rate of demand for a 2GO agent according to your proposed location.
  • The situation of competition within the area’s vicinity.
  • Location’s accessibility to the public.
  • Area’s population density.
  • The potential of the proposed outlet to thrive.
  1. Location’s evaluation

The Retail Sales Team will visit the proposed location to conduct an inspection according to:

  • Office size
  • Location
  • Physical look/ façade
  • Accessibility
  1. Agent Assessment

The Retail Sales Team conducts a background checkup of the applicant to evaluate the agent’s capability to handle the business by looking to his/her business skills, experience, credibility, and logistics capability.

  1. Approval of proposal

Once approved, the agent should settle the cash and surety bond; Thereafter, signing the contract of agreement and undergoing the training to become a 2GO agent.

Benefits of 2Go Franchise

As mentioned earlier, becoming a 2GO agent who delivers and receive parcels both through domestic and international customers is an edge which in the current system, wherein online businesses is growing rapidly and is currently in great need of couriers to help them reach out their online buyers.

Disadvantages of 2GO Franchise

There’s a reason why location is carefully evaluated during the process, due to the numerous outlets of the same service, this field of business can be competitive, requiring its owner to be hands-on with the job. Other than that, together with 2GO’s reputable brand name, there are no significant cons found in franchising this business.


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  1. We are based in Surigao City where no 2Go outlet is present. Our 25-year old ongoing business in printing. We have the capacity to be an agent per your announcement.

    Shall we meet to talk?

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    and we offer great locations so hope you give interest to check it out.
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